BREAKING: House Votes To Hold Lerner In Contempt – Black Helicopters Seize Catherine Engelbrecht!!!


BREAKING: House Votes To Hold Lerner In Contempt Read more at 


Black Helicopters Seize Catherine Engelbrecht!!!


The conclusions of a review of 112 studies on Christian faith and ethnic prejudice were summarized by a study in 1980 as being that “white Protestants associated with groups possessing fundamentalist belief systems are generally more prejudiced than members of non-fundamentalist groups, with unchurched whites exhibiting least prejudice.”[90] The original review found that its conclusions held “regardless of when the studies were conducted, from whom the data came, the region where the data were collected, or the type of prejudice studied.”[91] More recently in 2003, eight studies have found a positive correlation between fundamentalism and prejudice, using different measures of fundamentalism.


A number of prominent members of the Christian right, including Jerry Falwell and Rousas John Rushdoony, have in the past supported segregation, with Falwell arguing in a 1958 sermon that integration will lead to the destruction of the white race.[93][94]


In Thy Kingdom Come, Randall Balmer recounts comments that Paul M. Weyrich, who he describes as “one of the architects of the Religious Right in the late 1970s”, made at a conference, sponsored by a Religious Right organization, that they both attended in Washington in 1990:[95]


In the course of one of the sessions,Weyrich tried to make a point to his Religious Right brethren (no women attended the conference, as I recall). Let’s remember, he said animatedly, that the Religious Right did not come together in response to the Roe decision. No, Weyrichinsisted, what got us going as a political movement was the attempt on the part of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to rescind the tax-exempt status of Bob Jones University because of its racially discriminatory policies.

—Paul M. Weyrich


The Christian Right – Race and diversity



Arizona: Godless invocation makes Christian legislator angry – Black Helicopters spotted in Tombstone!!!

Budget disaster of gigantic proportions looms over North Carolina Read more here: 


Occupy Protester Convicted For Elbowing A Cop


Black Helicopters Spotted over Liberty and Bob Jones University!!!

Purity Balls, Plan B and Bad Sex Policy: Inside America’s Virginity Obsession


Republicans React to Climate Change Report With Denial and Hatred


Climate Hustle’ or ‘American Doomsday’?! Obama climate report panned by scientists – ‘Pseudoscience’ ‘sales pitch’ ‘follow the money’ ‘total distortion’ ‘false premise’ ‘outdated & wrong’ ‘failure’


Shame And Stigma: What A 3-Minute Video Can Teach Us About Anti-Choice Media


Woman Films Own Abortion: Murder Gives Her the Audience She Always Wanted


Hillary Clinton Picks a Fight With the NRA


George RR Martin defends Game of Thrones’ sexual violence


Charter Schools are Cheating Your Kids : Learn how to Fly Black Helicopters while Homeschooling!!!


New Report Sheds Some Light On The Illinois Policy Institute’s ‘Big-Money Funders’


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