A&E Refuses to feed Phil Robertson to the Dogs!!! Citing the Example of Kim Jong Un’s Uncle


A&E Refuses to feed

Phil Robertson  to the Dogs!!!

Citing the Example of 

Kim Jong Un’s Uncle!!!


Report: Kim Jong Un’s Uncle Was Eaten Alive By Hungry Dogs 


LaBarbera: ‘Glee’ Has Turned America Against God


Renew America: Gay Marriage Is A Satanic Plot To Murder Christians – See more at: 


(You can’t have Crackers bouncing off the walls like this in a Democracy that has separation of Church and State, these are the Crackers that cause Tea Party Extremism) Was Bob Jones Sr in the KKK?


HERE’S WHY THE RNC HAS BEEN SO SILENT ABOUT RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD Read the rest of this PolitiChicks.tv article here:


Maddow scorches Koch brothers on ‘correction’ demand: ‘I don’t play requests’



Fischer: People Who Believe In Evolution Are ‘Disqualified From Holding Political Office In The United States Of America’ – See more at: (Can you say “Grand Bagger Cyclops?”, it’s not the Fundamentalism that is the problem, it’s the Dominion ism that makes it dangerous?)


(Larry Klayman compares Obama to Alpo) Dominion Theology or Dominionism


Talibubba claims Yoga, Hummus and Yogurt lead to Satanism!!! Calls Jamie Lee Curtis a Succubus!!!


 (What about Salsa!!! Don’t forget Salsa!!) Christian right Race and diversity


Paranoia-Rama: Obama’s Alien Mission, Comic Book Communism & How Salsa Is Destroying America – See more at:

LaBarbera: Robin Roberts’ Coming Out ‘Is A Tragedy’ – See more at: 


Obama tops ‘corrupt’ list for acting ‘as a 1-man Congress’ Read more at  


( Ha Ha!! Paid for by the Ku Klux Kristians at Renew America!!!) We do not hate any group of people. However, we do hate some things that certain groups are doing to our race and Nation. We hate drugs, homosexuality, abortion, and race-mixing because these things go against God’s law and they are destroying all white nations. But rather than focus on hate; we try to focus on the love of our race. Love for our God and Country. Our goal is to help restore America to a White Christian nation founded on God’s word.


Fundamentalists Want to Drive Your Womb Like a Clown Car


‘Chris Christie at his Chris Christiest’ (No more Kris Krispies!!! We’ve run out of Kris Krispies!!! Ha Ha!!)


Sen. Davis calls for official’s resignation following payday lending comments Read more: 


A&E and Cracker Barrel Sanction “Barefoot and Pregnant” Phil Robertson!!! Thereby Enabling Ku Klux Krackering from the Ku Kristian Koalition alias the Ku Kea Karty!!!


A&E Ends Phil Robertson’s Suspension, Returns to Duck Dynasty in 2014


Forget Phil Robertson!!! Alan Grayson attacked by massive case of Fu Flux Fuckabee!!!


I Was An NFL Player Until I Was Fired By Two Cowards And A Bigot


Free the Kozmic Kornporn Krackers!!! (from David Barton’s lies)


Not enough Ku Klux Krackers in Georgia!!!


Religious Fundamentalism is the Root of Tea Party Extremism


Wyoming RINOs continue mocking state constitution and law 


(You need to start calling these Dixiecrats Ku Klux Kracker to their Ku Kristian Koalition faces to destroy the Ku Kea Karty!!! , it’s easy and fun once you start?)


Republicans’ belief in evolution plummets, poll reveals

Republican congressman dismisses evolution as ‘lies straight from the pit of hell’ – video


Dear Editor,

I read your article on the GOP candidates visiting Bob Jones University with great interest, as I live in Greenville, South Carolina (current home of Bob Jones University.) This article provided a great deal of information to those ignorant of what Bob Jones stands for, but not enough. I have included some more information below:

In regards to Bob Jones University’s involvement in politics, it is interesting to note that several current members of the US Congress are BJU alumni (including Asa Hutchinson, one of the prosecutors in the impeachment of President Clinton) as well as the Speaker of the SC State House (David Wilkins) and the Speaker Pro Temp of the SC State House (Terry Haskins).

Further, Bob Jones University also dominates the politics of the local community. In 1996, the Greenville County Council passed a resolution condemning the “Homosexual Lifestyle.” Later that year, there was a Gay Pride March through downtown Greenville that involved over 1,500 people. Bob Jones University’s response? BJU students passed out brochures throughout the county inviting people to an Anti-Gay rally at the local stadium. This distribution of material was called, appropriately, “Operation Saturation.”

Recently, Bob Jones University has opposed the opening of the new downtown arena and was one of the leading groups in attacking arena leadership for scheduling “controversial” acts. Also, Bob Jones University was one of the leading forces behind the county’s recent vote to uphold the current laws prohibiting alcohol sales on Sunday.

Bob Jones University’s racism has not been only in admissions. In 1968, when Martin Luther King was assassinated, and President Lyndon Johnson ordered flags to be flown at half-staff, Bob Jones University refused, calling King “A traitor to the Gospel of Christ.” When this was announced at an evening chapel, many students applauded. (Bob Jones also awarded an honorary doctorate to Reverend Billy James Hargis, most widely known for his statement “God ordained Segregation.”)

King was not the only Christian leader they denounced. Bob Jones University withdrew from Youth for Christ, the National association of Evangelicals and the National Association of Religious Broadcasters, due to their perceived “Liberalism.” (This, it should be noted, refers not to Political Liberalism but Theological Liberalism, which is an entirely different thing from Political Liberalism.)

Bob Jones University also denounced Billy Graham for the same reasons. This was despite Graham’s and many of his associates’ graduation from Bob Jones University.

Bob Jones University is quite anti-Catholic. When Pope John Paul II visited Columbia, South Carolina, the late Bob Jones Jr. said that he would “sooner speak with the Devil himself” than speak with the Pope.

A frequent speaker at Bob Jones is Reverend Ian Paisley, who is also head of the Ulster Democratic Unionist Party in the UK. He was the most prominent opponent of the Good Friday Accord prior to its passage. He also had to be temporarily removed from the European Parliament chambers after he held up a sign “John Paul II = Antichrist” while the Pope was making a speech.

I hope this information can be of some use to you,

Greenville, SC
11 February 2000


This Week in God


Jerry Falwell, the Tea Party, the NRA and the 1970′s “Fundamentalist” Coup


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