Hitler Finds out “Bug Juice” is just Kool Aid!!! Cancels plans for “Bug Juice” Party!!!


Hitler Finds out

“Bug Juice” is just Kool Aid!!!

Cancels plans for

“Bug Juice” Party!!!


Anti-Choice Activist: Nelson Mandela ‘Engaged In Mass Genocide’ – See more at: 


Venker and Malzberg Explain How ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Is A Tool Of The Feminists – See more at:

The 2nd American Revolution has begun! By Larry Klayman

Rep. Mo Brooks Suggests Democrats Might Start A War In 2014 To Distract Voters From Obamacare – See more at: 

Erik Rush Wonders If South Africa Was Better Off Under Apartheid – See more at: 

Robertson: Deliver Us From Obama

Fischer: ‘Our Constitution Protects The Free Exercise Of The Christian Religion’ – See more at:

Fischer Hails India Supreme Court Ruling Outlawing Gay Sex: ‘This Is Entirely Right And Entirely Appropriate’ – See more at:


Mother of all Bernie !!!!! Bernie Sander’s IV!!!


Farah: Don’t Honor ‘Unrepentant Terrorist’ Mandela


Hitler Finds out Louie Gohmert doesn’t like Being compared to him!!!


Hitler Finds out Rand Paul has a Prius!!!


Beck Tells His Audience ‘You Are The Next Nelson Mandela’ – See more at: 

Glenn Beck Declares Ted Cruz ‘Blaze Man Of The Year’ – See more at: 

Religious Right Group Knows Exactly Where God Stands On A North Carolina Bridge Project – See more at: 


Totally Not Racist Tea Party Biker Group Promotes Racist Photo – See more at: 

VDARE Remembers Nelson Mandela, ‘Monster’ And ‘Nasty Individual’ – See more at: 

Steve King: Immigrants Will ‘Erode The Law Further’ By Voting Democratic – See more at: 


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