Baggers Bogarting their Blunts!!! Ku Kluxing the Kannabis !!!


Baggers Bogarting

their Blunts!!!

Ku Kluxing their



David Mamet’s “Lost Masterpieces of Pornography” w/ Kristen Bell, Ed O’Neill & Ricky Jay David Mamet’s “Lost Masterpieces of Pornography” w/ Kristen Bell, Ed O’Neill & Ricky Jay


Pope Francis States Ideological Christians Have An “Illness” – See more at:


Shut up and Drink your Beer!!! Studies Show Teabaggers not Breastfed!!!


Democratic Rep: Ohio Republicans actively trying to ‘suppress the voting rights of African-Americans’


Wal-Mart arrests could fuel “a new political movement of the disenfranchised,” Grayson tells Salon


Remembering the Lost: Walmart Worker Killed In Black Friday Stampede! Murika! – See more at: 


Weak Tit!!! Penalty Bong!!!


Georgia Republican Brags About Sabotaging Obamacare as Governor Gets Paid by Health Care Industry


GOP lawmaker: I would vote to bring back slavery


Bozoid Blown Baggers!!! Ku Klux Kulture!!!


Mother of all Bernie !!!!! Bernie Sander’s IV!!!


The Media Is Protecting Obama Love Child


Train Wreck: Watch Sarah Palin Embarrassingly Try to Explain Her Alternative to “Obamacare”


Russell Brand excoriates ‘al Qaeda recruitment poster’ Rupert Murdoch

1458479_399998246797676_1055357106_n (1)

Comedian Rips into MSNBC; Calls Sharpton ‘Pig,’ ‘A**hole’


Sarah Palin’s Miserable Ranting Christmas Book Flops on Black Friday


5 Ridiculous ‘War On Christmas’ Myths


Python Eats Passed Out Drunk Guy In India


Seven Huge Flaws in the Way Liberals Think


Satire Has Become Reality: Rush Limbaugh Attacks Pope Francis for Acting Like a Christian


Not enough Ku Klux Krackers in Georgia!!!


Free the Kozmic Kornporn Krackers!!! (from David Barton’s lies)

In Thy Kingdom Come, Randall Balmer recounts comments that Paul M. Weyrich, who he describes as “one of the architects of the Religious Right in the late 1970s”, made at a conference, sponsored by a Religious Right organization, that they both attended in Washington in 1990:[90]

In the course of one of the sessions, Weyrich tried to make a point to his Religious Right brethren (no women attended the conference, as I recall). Let’s remember, he said animatedly, that the Religious Right did not come together in response to the Roe decision. No, Weyrich insisted, what got us going as a political movement was the attempt on the part of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to rescind the tax-exempt status of Bob Jones University because of its racially discriminatory policies.

—Paul M. Weyrich


Sarah Silverman, Lizz Winstead Host Telethon for TX Abortions


Religious Fundamentalism is the Root of Tea Party Extremism


Jerry Falwell, the Tea Party, the NRA and the 1970′s “Fundamentalist” Coup


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