Bozoid Blown Baggers!!! Ku Klux Kulture!!!



Blown Baggers!!!  

Ku Klux



New Mexico Police Spray Mace in Woman’s Vagina to ‘Punish’ Her (Video) – See more at: 

Alex Jones: ‘We Are Living In The Hunger Games’


Free the Kozmic Kornporn Krackers!!! (from David Barton’s lies)


Pope Francis understands economics better than most politicians


Richard Simmons is eccentric self while appearing on Fox News with Neil Cavuto Read more: 


We must stand with Israel even though our president does not


Mike Huckabee labels Lara Logan a ‘hero journalist’ for discredited Benghazi report


BREAKING: ’60 Minutes’ Benghazi Reporter Lara Logan Indefinitely Suspended by CBS – See more at:


Religious Fundamentalism is the Root of Tea Party Extremism

Iggy Pop – China Girl (live 1991)


Rush Limbaugh Gets His Satire From Racist, Sexist Blog


Baldwin On Firing By MSNBC : ‘Martin Bashir’s On The Air’ Read more: 


Wife of American Pastor Held By Iran Is Devastated After Obama Doesn’t Try To Get Him Released In Nuke Deal

Liberty Counsel Made A Movie. Seriously


Is Mark Driscoll A Serial Plagiarist?

Robertson: Muslim Neighbor Invited Demonic Presence Into Your Home – See more at: 


Geller: When Did Pope Francis ‘Become An Imam’?


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