Marsha Blackburn calls for Jihad from the tribal areas of Grandoleoprystan

Marsha Blackburn

Marsha Blackburn

calls for Jihad from the tribal areas of Grandoleoprystan

from a Minnie Pearls parking lot no less


Rep. Blackburn: Late term abortions should be stopped 



Ku Klos Knights of Tennessee: Ku Klux Klan


The KKK vs. the Crips vs. Memphis City Council (Full Length)

Morning Joe_MSNBC_31_10_2008_05_58_04

Dummi!!! I resent the characterization of all Conservative Southerners as “Dumb ignorant Fundamentalist Teabagging Crackers” as escapees from the Wayne Newton Show in Branson!!!


Russell Brand Kicked Out of GQ Awards For Pointing Out Hugo Boss Made Nazi Uniforms


With all due respect Willie, I was merely attempting to reveal the Historical and Scriptural errors involved in adopting a Religious viewpoint that offers up and exalts the idea that Jesus, himself was a “Dumb ignorant Fundamentalist Teabagging Cracker”, That’s all” Jeez take a chill pill!!


Willie!!! Don’t fall into this trap, you’re arguing with a maniacal, Primping, Posing egotistical monkey who is drowning in the Hubris of his own self importance!! 


Russell Brand devastates ‘Morning Joe’ — does he have a point?


Mika Brzezinski: ‘I didn’t know who Russell was’

See!!! You’re doing it, talking about me in the second person like I’m not even here!! I try to elevate the conversation to issues that matter and I get treated like this!! You are everything that’s wrong with the lamestream media in America!! And who the hell names their kids Katty Kay or Donny Deutsch anyway I ask!!


Russell Brand Hits On Mika Brzezinski, Takes Over ‘Morning Joe‘ (VIDEO) 


I don’t even think he’s aware he’s doing it? This is why I think we were too hard on the Donald, he was just trying to avoid people like this taking over? He didn’t really mean all that Birther stuff, he was just trying to help and was misunderstood?


This is for you Donny!! And I got something else for you in my diaper!!


Sarah Palin on Syria: Let Allah Sort it Out


Conservative ‘Christian’: Liberals Want To Import Immigrants Because Conservatives Have More Sex (VIDEO) Read more: 


Fundamentalists Want to Drive Your Womb Like a Clown Car


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