The difference between Conservative and Cracker


The difference between

Conservative and Cracker


This is Conservative


This is Cracker

Pop Quiz, is the following Conservative or Cracker 

Christian Conservatives Gather To Discuss Alito Nomination

“All that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and the Big Bang Theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of Hell.

‘Spanking for Jesus’ movement lets God-fearing husbands feel good about punishing their wives

‘Ex-gay‘ group says it’s shutting down; leader apologizes for ‘pain and hurt’

Pop Quiz, is the following Conservative or Cracker


Scott Walker Endorses Mandating Transvaginal Ultrasounds And Shutting Down Abortion Clinics

Conservative ‘Christian’: Liberals Want To Import Immigrants Because Conservatives Have More Sex (VIDEO)


Republican mentions suffering of Jesus amid anti-abortion speech on House floor


Breaking News: 34% of Your Fellow Citizens Want a Theocracy


You have reached the home page of Thomas Robb Ministries

Oppressed Women

National Director of The Knights (KKK), Pastor Thomas Robb

See, if you let Mike Huckabee spout his Cracker Drivel in Politics, weird shit starts to happen down in Arkansas, it’s linked, it’s incited by Fundamentalist Evangelical/Charismatic extremism, it is Fundamentalist Evangelical extremism is it’s most classic form and the Crackers know this very well.


London Grammar Play Metal & Dust


Congressman: Women Should Be Forced To Give Birth To Fetuses With No Brain Function

971995_422696634495896_1564318070_n (1)

Bob Jones Sr and Jerry Falwell were divisive polarizing figures, the idea that anything could be achieved by elevating a couple of Loudmouth Cracker Preachers was ludicrous, Reagan was nice to them but that’s Reagan’s job, we ain’t Ronald Reagan and we need to tear these dumb ignorant Fundamentalist Teabagging Crackers a third asshole every chance we get, it’s Politics and if they don’t like the heat they can get there sorry cracker asses out of the kitchen, we are too easy on Crackers Bob Jones Sr is a Cracker

Was Bob Jones Sr in the KKK?


The links between Tea Party Extremism and Bob Jones Sr. type Churches in Illinois


Fundamentalism, Politics and Women’s issues



Right Wing Media Figures Outraged Obama Used The Term “Women’s Health” In Front Of Women’s Health Group

417787_10151371487036167_911479437_n (1)

Christian right is a term used in the United States to describe right-wing Christian political groups


Christian Reconstructionism

encounter with governor from O Brother, Where Art Thou?


Michael L. Weinstein


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