Haley Barbour excoriates Tea Party at CPAC


Haley Barbour

excoriates Tea Party


Venezuela chavez Castro

You there dumb ignorant Fundamentalist Teabagging Crackers be all besides yourselves laughing at that there Hugo Chavez down in that there Venezuela like you better than that?


I figure if that there Allen West was too croak unexpected like ,  him there Joe Walsh might be to busy watching Duck Dynasty  on the TV to git him up off his dead cracker ass long enough to put that there poor Allen West in the refrigerator afore he got too ripe?


If them there teabagging crackers Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert got them a gram more smarts than them there Yanamamo down there in Venezuela making blowguns and eating Ibogaine I ain’t seeing it??


Before you get all high and mighty, I reckon you dumb ignorant fundamentalist crackers be needing to take care of that big case of “Stupid” calling itself the Tea Party unless you all like losing elections till the world ends?!!


Ibogaine Treatment Clinic – ibogaineintervention.com


The Kochs, A Nazi Past, Oil & The Foundation of The Right


Life at Conception Act Petition to – National Pro-Life Alliance


ProLife Wisconsin Responds to Planned Parenthood Closures


The fact that we couldn’t get this stuff passed in Mississippi is no reason to paint the entire Tea Party as a bunch of religious extremists?


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