Jonathan Cain: Paris Attack Was Jim Bakker’s Punishment For Tammy’s Fundies in Undies (4)!!! Jonathan Cain: Paris Attack Was God’s Punishment For France’s Palestinian Activism!!! Ted Cruz; Kevin Swanson; Flip Benham ; Ron Baity: Ku Kruz Kracka Touts Endorsement Of Fundies in Undies (3)!!! Ted Cruz Touts Endorsement Of Extreme Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice Activist Flip Benham!!! Mike Crackabee: ‘I Will Be The Abortion’ When I’m President (3)!!! Mike Huckabee: ‘There Will Be No Abortion’ When I’m President!!!




cahn2Jonathan Cain: Paris Attack Was God’s Punishment For France’s bakkerPalestinian Activism BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Yesterday, bakkerEnd Times preacher Jonathan Cahn appeared on “The Jim Bakker Show” for a program titled “Shocking France and Harbinger Connections” to maxresdefault-2discuss his claim that the Paris terrorist attacks were tied to biblical prophecy.bakker1_th


download (10)

images (10)


jim_and_tammy_faye_bakkerCahn linked the massacre in Paris to the French government’s support for a UN resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which according to Cahn, angered God and became a curse on France. –  Jonathan Cahn Links Gay Marriage To Paris Terrorist Attacks BY Brian Tashman – pastor-Jim-and-lori-bakkerSee more at: – Survive Nuclear Winter With Jim Bakker’s Milk Buckets BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Jonathan Cain: Paris Attack Was Jim Bakker’s Punishment For Tammy‘s Fundies in Undies (4)!!!

images (7)

t15581ae9b9d7d323f22103Ted Cruz Touts Endorsement Of Extreme Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice Activist Flip Benham BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – A 08_flip_190x190list of endorsements from faith leaders published by Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign last week includes not only anti-gay pastor Ron Baity 440px-Flip_benhambut also Philip “Flip” Benham of Operation Save America, a radical activist saltines1who campaigns against abortion rights and LGBT equality.






cruzswanson“We’re fighting the Devil and his lies in the world and the flesh, and moving it to s-RON-BAITY-largea thing called the homosexual agenda — and it’s the Devil’s agenda,” Benham said last year, likening abortion and 44658656.cachedIslam to “the Devil’s fist” and the “homosexual agenda” to Satan’s “pink-colored glove.” Kevin kevin-swansonSwanson: Homosexuality Is ‘The Catalyst By Which Nations Are Destroyed’ BY Brian Tashman – 1379006070104-cachedSee more at: –Earlier this month, a lesbian candidate was elected mayor of Salt Lake nmyv5111City, and the news did not sit well with Religious Right radio host Kevin Swanson, who November 1st, 2013 @ 20:49:52told listeners on Friday that this is just one more sign that the end of America is at hand.



Cleric-Kevin-Swanson-tells-parents-to-drown-kids-rather-than-let-them-read-Harry-Potter-618281Denouncing Mormonism as a “sham religion,” Swanson said that the Salt Lake City Kevin Swanson Sketchmayoral election shows that homosexuality is just “the tip of the iceberg” while other sins like child molestation and hqdefaultporn addiction “hide under the water.” – Ron Baity,
North Carolina Pastor, Suggests Gays Should Be Prosecuted Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas speaks at the 2014 Values Voter Summit in Washington, Friday, Sept. 26, 2014. Prospective Republican presidential candidates are expected to promote religious liberty at home and abroad at a gathering of evangelical conservatives, rebuking an unpopular President Barack Obama while skirting divisive social issues that have tripped up the GOP. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)Like They Were Historically
 – Ted Cruz; Kevin SwansonFlip Benham
Ron BaityKu potterrobertsonKruz Kracka Touts Endorsement Of Fundies in Undies (3)!!!

cute-face-cow-funny-picture-for-whatsapp (1)


mormonism-huckabee_anti-mormonMike Huckabee: ‘There Will Be No Abortion’ When I’m President BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – At Friday’s “Presidential The-Family-Leader1Family Forum” hosted by the Iowa conservative group The Family Leader, Mike Huckabee doubled down on his pledge to “ignore chief_victory-1-271x300the court” and “defy the court” as president by recriminalizing abortion and gay marriage through executive fiats.



download (10)“I’m convinced the next president should ignore the unconstitutional and illegal rulings c2ff22da109c10bd9ccce99682059c4bof the courts, including that of same-sex marriage, because it is not the law of the land,” Huckabee said. – 11164695_1105753802784400_1451049571563354859_n-11Mike Huckabee Makes Up False Claim As Proof ‘There Is A War On The Christian Faith In This Country’ BY Kyle Mantyla – johnbirchsocietySee more at: – During Friday night’s “Presidential Family Forum” in Iowa, Mike Huckabee attempted to gin up outrage 1507385147083707714among the conservative Christian audience by falsely claiming that the federal government is flickr-creative-commons-greendyker-no-christianity-logoworking to deport a family from Germany who have sought asylum in America in order to homeschool their children.



downloadffHomeschooling is illegal in Germany and in 2010, the Romeike family sought political flagasylum in America, arguing that they would face fines, imprisonment and loss of custody of their download (10)children if they were deported back to Germany. The case worked its way through the legal system for dobson-focus-on-familyyears until the Supreme Court finally refused to grant their appeal, only for the Department of nmyv5111Homeland Security to announce in 2014 that the Romeikes would be granted “indefinite 11221187_10205572131855276_1979024398_o1deferred action status” and be allowed to remain in America. – 
Mike Huckabee: Obama Must Resign
flier-created-by-john-birch-society11For Protecting Islam Over America BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – 
At one point during Friday’s Presidential Family Forum obama-for-treasonin Iowa, the discussion descended into a debate over Ted Cruz’s call for Secretary of State John Kerry to resign because impeach_obamahe, along with President Obama and Hillary premium-saltine-crackersClinton, “served as apologists for radical Islamic terrorists.”



Naturally, Mike Huckabee tried to one-up Cruz’s stance, and instead said that President Obama should step down for supposedly 1468520_78776883791685being more concerned with attacking Republicans than defeating ISIS. – Mike Crackabee: ‘I Will Be The Abortion’ When I’m President (3)!!!


jesus_saves_kkk1Kevin Swanson: Criticism Of Fundies in Undies Is Criticism Of Cracka itself 10492041_10152155652345981_6942908066545264467_n(2)!!! Kevin Swanson: Criticism Of Me Is Criticism Of God Himself!!! Steve 1618579_576233745803017_1129167419_n11King; Ted Cruz; Steve Deace; Bryan Fischer: More Iowa Kruz Kornfed Kristian Crackas (2)!!! Steve King: Only Ted Cruz Can Save Us 1969113_10200790201395726_242126422_n1From Obama’s ‘Cultural Suicide’ Pills!!! The Fog Of War: Conflicting Targets In The War On Cracka!!! The Fog Of War: Conflicting 1395108_7174217616026411Targets In The War On Christmas!!! Jan Markell: ‘Tim Wildmon Has Turned On The American Family Association Because The lca-logotOlive Tree Ministries So Disdain Him’!!! Jan Markell: ‘God Has true-the-vote-catherine-engelbrechtTurned On America Because The Leftists So Disdain Him’!!!


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Pat Benatar – Promises In The Dark – You Better Run

Pat Benatar

  Promises In The Dark

 You Better Run

Never again, isn’t that what you said?
You’ve been through this before
An’ you swore this time you’d think with your head
No one, would ever have you again
And if takin’ was gonna get done
You’d decide where and when
Just when you think you got it down
Your heart securely tied and bound
They whisper, Promises In The Dark

Armed and ready, you fought love battles in the night
But too many opponents made you weary of the fight
Blinded by passion, you foolishly let someone in
All the warnings went off in your head
Still you had to give in

Just when you think you got it down
Resistance nowhere to be found
They whisper, Promises In The Dark

But promises, you know what they’re for
It sounds so convincing, but you heard it before
Cause talk is cheap and you gotta be sure
And so you put up your guard
And you try to be hard
But your heart says try again

You desperately search for a way to conquer the fear
No line of attack has been planned to fight back the tears
Where brave and restless dreams are both won and lost
On the edge is where it seems it’s well worth the cost
Just when you think you got it down
Your heart in pieces on the ground
They whisper, Promises In The — Dark

Whatcha’ tryin’ a do to my heart?
Whatcha’ tryin’ a do to my heart?
You go around tellin’ lies
And now you want to compromise
Whatcha’ tryin’ a do to my heart?
You Better Run! You Better Hide!
You better leave from my sight! Yeah

Whatcha’ tryin’ a do to my soul?
Whatcha’ tryin’ a do to my soul?
Well everything I had was yours
And now I’m closin’ all the doors
Whatcha’ tryin’ a do to my soul?

You Better Run! You Better Hide!
You better leave from my sight! Yeah

I love you oh, I love you so
Can’t you see it? Don’t you know?
I can’t stand your alibis
Your tellin’ lies, you drive me wild! Yeah

I said, what are ya tryin’ a do to my head?
Said, whatcha’ tryin’ a do to my head?
Well now I’ve gotta draw the line
Cause you ain’t gonna take my mind!
What are ya tryin’ a do to my head?

You Better Run! You Better Hide!
You better leave from my sight!
You Better Run! You Better Hide!
You better leave from my sight!
Let me go! Yeah

I said go away, and leave me alone!
I can’t stand you no more!

Pat Benatar

The official Pat Benatar Fan Club website






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Kevin Swanson: Criticism Of Fundies in Undies Is Criticism Of Cracka itself (2)!!! Kevin Swanson: Criticism Of Me Is Criticism Of God Himself!!! Steve King; Ted Cruz; Steve Deace; Bryan Fischer: More Iowa Kruz Kornfed Kristian Crackas (2)!!! Steve King: Only Ted Cruz Can Save Us From Obama’s ‘Cultural Suicide’ Pills!!! The Fog Of War: Conflicting Targets In The War On Cracka!!! The Fog Of War: Conflicting Targets In The War On Christmas!!! Jan Markell: ‘Tim Wildmon Has Turned On The American Family Association Because The Olive Tree Ministries So Disdain Him’!!! Jan Markell: ‘God Has Turned On America Because The Leftists So Disdain Him’!!!

This gallery contains 17 photos.

A number of prominent members of the Christian right, including Jerry Falwell and Rousas John Rushdoony, have in the past supported segregation, with Falwell arguing in a 1958 sermon that integration will lead to the destruction of the white race. … Continue reading

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Select Koch Kristian Kracka Excretions From RenewAmerica (11)!!! There, I said it. ‘Islam is the enemy.’ By Rev. Mark H. Creech!!! Islamic influx: why a religious test for immigrants is moral and wise By Selwyn Duke!!! Why Muslim migrants always = terrorism By Selwyn Duke!!! Quarantining Islam By Dan Popp!!! Donald Trump, mosques, and the First Amendment By Bryan Fischer!!! Is it time to suspend Islamic immigration? By Bryan Fischer!!! Humiliating defeat of King Obama By Larry Klayman!!!

Renew-America palin1

storyimages_1294696823_crossandflagSelect Koch Kristian Kracka Excretions From RenewAmerica (11)!!!


creech_cThere, I said it. ‘Islam is the enemy.’ By Rev. Mark H. Creech – If we can’t identify the real enemy, we can’t win this war against the free world.


A secularist nation with a secularistic 1279-20130115-LiesFromPitOfHellapproach to addressing this threat cannot have the wisdom or the stamina necessary for what is likely to be a protracted fight for many years to come.


national_religious_liberties_conference_4If America is to beat back the terrorists, better still if the West is to stop this brutal aggression, Cleric-Kevin-Swanson-tells-parents-to-drown-kids-rather-than-let-them-read-Harry-Potter-618281it must rediscover its Christian roots. There must be a renewal that clarifies its history, potterrobertsonand the Christian foundation of its institutions and traditions. flickr-creative-commons-greendyker-no-christianity-logoOtherwise, Islam is poised to fill the gap. – Christian Right – Race 1475916_1015180908959113-111-1and Diversity – Mark Creech accuses Pat Robertson of “blasphemy” for rejecting young-earth creationism


MrSelwynDukeIslamic influx: why a religious test for immigrants is moral and wise By Selwyn Duke -It should be noted that when Charles Martel saved Europe from a Muslim Carolus-Martellinvasion in 732 A.D. and when the responses to Islamic aggression known as the Crusades were launched in 1095, people understood the JonesBobSr6above well. In fact, the earliest known uses of the terms “religious” and “secular” were, respectively, 1200 and 1300; even so, they didn’t have their current 170px-Bob_Jones,_Srmeanings. “Secular” as in “in reference to humanism and the exclusion of belief in God from matters vote-the-bibleof ethics and morality,” only dates from 1850.


dog-pooping1Thus, during Christendom’s formative years, adolescence, and rise to dominance, kkk_baby1people did in fact view the world more clearly in the most important sense: Harris_Chris_DavidDukeWithWife-450x300they understood that there was simply the true and untrue. Maybe now we can
understand why Pope Benedict XVIap_vatican_christmas_tk_121225_wmain identified the 13th or 14th century as the West’s high water reaganfallwell.banner.AP.jpgmark. –
Why Muslim migrants always = terrorism By Selwyn Duke – Falwell-Tinky-WinkyThank you, Southern Baptists The so-called “fundamentalist” coup of the 70’s turned
out to be

a populist uprising against liberal elites by Mark Tooley

poppQuarantining Islam By Dan Popp – The sane thing we do in those cases is to isolate the disease. We quarantine as small an area as we can, making sure oliver_cromwells_head_lthat the contagion is contained within that boundary. Yes, this unfortunately treats all categories alike: cromwellexposed, incubating, immune and symptomatic. But if Muslims will not eradicate this disease from among themselves, I think the ROOM29Cromwellbest we can do is to keep all of them away from potential victims.5581ae9b9d7d323f22103

tony-perkins-1024Under this protocol we certainly don’t allow anyone exposed to the extremist virus into the country. takebacksliderKeeping a database on “who is where” is nothing but images (5)common sense. We actively deport Muslims, the latest arrivals first. We IRTFF1shut down places where the virus might spread, like those mosques from which terrorists have already come. And we keep deporting Muslims lca-logotand shutting down mosques until the threat is minimized. – mercantus center and Koch IndustriesIndiana Klan – FRC’s Craig James Stumped By Question Likening Gay 7-Mountains-of-AmericaMarriage Bans To Anti-Miscegenation Laws BY Brian Tashman – waimage558190xfo8See more at: – Of course, a startling number of voters — including half of Mississippi Republicans — believe that interracial marriage should be illegal, and that was the view craigjamesheld by a majority of Americans only a few decades ago.



family_research_council_logo1“Among religious groups, evangelicals remain the most opposed to interracial marriage,” Christianity Today notes, and c2ff22da109c10bd9ccce99682059c4bleading Religious Right pastors like the late Bob Jones believed that the Bible unambiguously opposes miscegenation and desegregation and chief_victory-1-271x300pastors who support integration have “gotten away from the Bible.” “The Bible is clear on this,” Jones said.

afaLogo (1)

fischerDonald Trump, mosques, and the First Amendment By Bryan Fischer – “The real object of the amendment was, not to countenance, much less to Daguerreotype_of_Joseph_Story,_1844_(edit)advance Mahometanism, or Judaism, or infidelity, by prostrating Christianity; but to exclude all rivalry among Christian sects, nbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runnersand to prevent any national ecclesiastical establishment, which should give to an hierarchy the
johnadams_high (1)exclusive patronage of the national government.” – 
Christian funny-pictures-auto-politics-religion-468045refugees and Muslim refugees By Bryan Fischer – By history, tradition, and values, the United States is a Christian nation. Our founding documents, palin-trump-614x412for example, are dated from the year of Christ’s birth, unlike Muslim countries, which start huckabee-fischer1their calendars from the date of Muhammad’s flight to Medina, and unlike Israel, which dates its calendar from the fischerdate of creation. Why do Muslim lands and Israel use a different calendar? Easy. They’re not Christian countries.


klaymanHumiliating defeat of King Obama By Larry Klayman – With whistleblowers like Snowden snowden102way_sq-e640efc5481e6a88137c4aa402822717bc5c48b2-s6-c30and Montgomery, coupled with brave and uncompromised jurists like Leon, perhaps there is some hope that our constitutional obama-speech-e1342050505906republic can be salvaged short of violent revolution, as occurred in 1776 when, in reaction to the despotic GeorgeIIIKing George III, our Founding Fathers rebelled over the monarch’s illegal intrusions into our homes without legal cause.THISLAND JOHN BIRCH

SPLC-Extremist-Files-Larry-Klayman-1280x720But we must not stop here; much more needs to be done to return this nation to the vision tumblr_m6pmx2n6it1ra6skqo1_500of our Founding Fathers. For it is not just Obama and his spy masters who seek total control 10402503_819790311391152_5729848408956323456_nover our lives, but corrupt politicians on both sides of the isle – persons like Republican Rep. Peter King and jefffersononchristianitySenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other hacks like download (10)political 2015-06-08-1433792458-2933666-5272920666_b8e92ffe09_o_dconsultant and Fox News commentator Karl Rove who have no respect for our privacy interests peter-king-smand seek to justify this rampant lawlessness under the guise of fighting terrorism.


jesus_saves_kkk1Eagles Of Death Metal – Kiss The Devil!!! Ted Cruz; Kevin Swanson: The Seven 10492041_10152155652345981_6942908066545264467_nMountings of Louie Gohmert (3)!!! Kevin Swanson: Paris Massacre Was ‘A Message 1618579_576233745803017_1129167419_n11From God’!!! Ted Cruz; Troy Newman: Fresh, Still Warm Kruz Kristian Kracka Excretions (2)!!! A History Lesson For Ted Cruz: Irish & 1969113_10200790201395726_242126422_n1Italian Immigrants Were Once Seen As Violent Threats To America!!! Steve King; Tamara Scott; Reince Priebus; Bob Vander Plaats: 1395108_7174217616026411Santorum Soaked Iowa Kornfed Kristian Krackas (2)!!! GOP Candidates Seek Endorsement Of true-the-vote-catherine-engelbrechtIowa Anti-Gay Leader Bob Vander Plaats!!!


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Eagles Of Death Metal – Kiss The Devil!!! Ted Cruz; Kevin Swanson: The Seven Mountings of Louie Gohmert (3)!!! Kevin Swanson: Paris Massacre Was ‘A Message From God’!!! Ted Cruz; Troy Newman: Fresh, Still Warm Kruz Kristian Kracka Excretions (2)!!! A History Lesson For Ted Cruz: Irish & Italian Immigrants Were Once Seen As Violent Threats To America!!! Steve King; Tamara Scott; Reince Priebus; Bob Vander Plaats: Santorum Soaked Iowa Kornfed Kristian Krackas (2)!!! GOP Candidates Seek Endorsement Of Iowa Anti-Gay Leader Bob Vander Plaats!!!

This gallery contains 14 photos.

  Kevin Swanson: Paris Massacre Was ‘A Message From God’ BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – After rallying with Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal at his anti-gay conference in Iowa two weeks ago, far-right pastor Kevin Swanson returned to his … Continue reading

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Brian Babin; Jim Bakker: Gohmert Texas Black Fundies in Undies Crackas (3)!!! Rep. Brian Babin: ‘Mary And Jesus Didn’t Have Suicide Bomb Vests Strapped On Them’!!! Linda Harvey: Fundies in Undies Protesters May Join Oaf Crackas, Commit Terrorist Attacks (2)!!! Linda Harvey: Mizzou Protesters May Join ISIS, Commit Terrorist Attacks!!! Robert Jeffress; Tim Wildmon; American Family Association: ‘It’s Getting To The Point Where I Look At Fundies in Undies And I’m Skeptical Of Crackas’!!! Tim Wildmon: ‘It’s Getting To The Point Where I Look At Muslims And I’m Skeptical Of All Of Them’!!!




Babin-Victory-Photo-640x640 Rep. Brian Babin: ‘Mary And Jesus Didn’t Have Suicide Bomb Vests Strapped On Them’ BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – Rep. bakkerBrian Babin, R-Texas, has been a leading voice of efforts to restrict refugee 1279-20130115-LiesFromPitOfHellresettlement in the U.S. and is the sponsor of a bill to defund the resettlement program, which has gained traction as BB-logo-highresmany have scapegoated Syrian refugees
in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.



giphy (1)

giphy (2)

feat_bannon42__04Brietbart NewsStephen Bannoninvited Babin on to his SiriusXM program on Tuesday to discuss these efforts bakker1_thto block refugees, where he asked the congressman sergeant_schultzto respond to people who might call anti-refugee activists “haters.” – Republican breitbart-war-nggid03191-ngg0dyn-420x0x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010congressman dismisses evolution as – video – Jim Bakker: My Black Underwear bakkerSignals God’s Wrath On America BY Brian Tashman – See more at: –  Brian BabinJim BakkerGohmert Texas Black Fundies in Undies Crackas (3)!!!



linda_harvey_insert_c_washington_blade_by_michael_keyLinda Harvey: Mizzou Protesters May Join ISIS, Commit Terrorist Attacks BY Brian Tashman –linda-harvey-530x381 See more at: – Mission America‘s Linda Harvey is no fan of the students protesting the University of Mission-America-CoalitionMissouri‘s handling of incidents of racial bias on campus, warning in a column today that “ISIS recruiters could come in behind the disturbances Mission_America_Logoat the University of Missouri and other colleges and reap a great harvest.”




flickr-creative-commons-greendyker-no-christianity-logo“This can only end badly,” she writes of the protesters. “When we see the carnage in Paris and look at the mob rule taking linda_harveyover a Midwestern American campus, surely we can see that terrorist attacks loom ht_mission_america_linda_harvey_nt_120913_wmainin our nation’s future.” – Linda Harvey: Fundies in premium-saltine-crackersUndies Protesters May Join Oaf Crackas, Commit Terrorist Attacks (2)!!!

afaLogo (1)

maxresdefault3Tim Wildmon: ‘It’s Getting To The Point Where I Look At Muslims And I’m Skeptical Of All d-magazine1Of Them’ BY Isabel Carter-Kahn – See more at: – Dr. Robert Jeffress joined American Family Association president Tim Wildmon on mormonism-huckabee_anti-mormonAmerican Family Radio‘s “Today’s Issuesprogram  yesterday to discuss the terrorist attacks on Paris.




Tim WildmonWildmon acknowledged that he’s not sure how people should respond “as Christians” to “the fact that these 6a00d83451c15f69e2015434f9a406970cacts of terrorism are done almost exclusively now by Islamic jihadists.” He concluded that, as a Christian, “It’s WTRM-FM_AFR_2013getting to the point where I look at Muslims, and I’m skeptical of all of them.” Wildmon allowed that “maybe 32476that’s Islamophobic” but continued on to say it’s a “reality” that know-nothing_flagall terrorists are Muslim. – Robert Jeffress; Tim Wildmonmike-huckabee-x750American Family Association: ‘It’s Getting To The Point Where I Look At Fundies in Undies 0-2And I’m Skeptical Of Crackas’!!! – AFA’s Bryan Fischer Claimed Hitler Was Gay And huckabee-fischer1That ‘Virtually All Of The Storm Troopers, The Brownshirts, Were Male Homosexuals.”


jesus_saves_kkk1Ted Cruz; Bobby Jindal; Crackabee; Kevin Swanson: Fundies in Undies Really 10492041_10152155652345981_6942908066545264467_nDon’t Want To Talk About ‘Kill The Crackas’ Conference (3)!!! GOP 1618579_576233745803017_1129167419_n11Candidates Really Don’t Want To Talk About ‘Kill The Gays’ Conference!!! The History of Koch Kristian Kracka!!! Do 1969113_10200790201395726_242126422_n1the Kochs Have Their Own Spy Network??? Rick Wiles: ‘Kentucky Kim’ Leading An ‘Cracka Invasion Of 1395108_7174217616026411Muskogee’!!! Rick Wiles: ‘Jihad Barry’ Leading An ‘Islamic Invasion Of America’!!! David Foster Wallace in Cracka Zion!!! lca-logotFear and Discombobulation in the Hideous, true-the-vote-catherine-engelbrechtUnshaven Armpit of America, The Lost Letters!!!


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Jane Russell June 21 1921 – February 28 2011

Jane Russell

June 21 1921 – February 28 2011

Early life

Born in Bemidji, Minnesota in 1921, Russell was the eldest child and only daughter of the five children of Roy William Russell (January 5, 1890 – July 18, 1937) and Geraldine Jacobi (January 2, 1891 – December 26, 1986).[citation needed]

Her parents were both born in North Dakota. Three of her grandparents were born in Canada, while her paternal grandmother was born in Germany. Her parents married in 1917. Her father was a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and her mother was a former actress with a road troupe. Her parents spent the early years of their marriage in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For her birth her mother temporarily moved back to the U.S. to ensure she was born a U.S. citizen.[original research?] Later the family moved to the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. They lived in Burbank in 1930 and her father worked as an office manager at a soap manufacturing plant.[citation needed]

Russell’s mother arranged for her to take piano lessons. In addition to music, she was interested in drama and participated in stage productions at Van Nuys High School. Her early ambition was to be a designer of some kind, until the death of her father at forty-six, when she decided to work as a receptionist after graduation. She also modeled for photographers and, at the urging of her mother, studied drama and acting with Max Reinhardt’s Theatrical Workshop and with famed Russian actress Maria Ouspenskaya.[citation needed]


In 1940, Russell was signed to a seven-year contract by film mogul Howard Hughes[3] and made her motion picture debut in The Outlaw (1943), a story about Billy the Kid that went to great lengths to showcase her voluptuous figure. Although the movie was completed in 1941, it was released for a limited showing two years later. There were problems with the censorship of the production code over the way her ample cleavage was displayed. When the movie was finally passed, it had a general release in 1946. During that time, she was kept busy doing publicity and became known nationally. Contrary to countless incorrect reports in the media since the release of The Outlaw, Russell did not wear the specially designed underwire bra (the first of its kind[4]) that Howard Hughes constructed for the film. According to Jane’s 1988 autobiography, she was given the bra, decided it had a mediocre fit, and wore her own bra on the film set with the straps pulled down.[citation needed]

With measurements of 38D-24-36 and standing 5’7″ she was more statuesque than most of her contemporaries. Aside from thousands of quips from radio comedians, including Bob Hope, who once introduced her as “the two and only Jane Russell” and “Culture is the ability to describe Jane Russell without moving your hands”, the photo of her on a haystack was a popular pin-up with servicemen during World War II. She was not in another movie until 1946, when she played Joan Kenwood in Young Widow for RKO.

In 1947, Russell attempted to launch a musical career. She sang with the Kay Kyser Orchestra on radio and recorded two singles with his band, “As Long As I Live” and “Boin-n-n-ng!” She also cut a 78 rpm album that year for Columbia Records, Let’s Put Out the Lights, which included eight torch ballads and cover art that included a diaphanous gown that for once put the focus more on her legs than on her breasts. In a 2009 interview for the liner notes to another CD, Fine and Dandy, Russell denounced the Columbia album as “horrible and boring to listen to”. It was reissued on CD in 2002, in a package that also included the Kyser singles and two songs she recorded for Columbia in 1949 that went unreleased at the time. In 1950, she recorded a single, “Kisses and Tears,” with Frank Sinatra and The Modernaires for Columbia.

She performed in an assortment of movie roles, which included Calamity Jane, opposite Bob Hope in The Paleface (1948) on loan out to Paramount, and Mike “the Torch” Delroy opposite Hope in another western comedy, Son of Paleface (1952), again at Paramount.[citation needed] Russell was Dorothy Shaw in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) opposite Marilyn Monroe for 20th Century Fox, which was well-received.[citation needed]

She appeared in two movies opposite Robert Mitchum, His Kind of Woman (1951) and Macao (1952). Other co-stars include Frank Sinatra and Groucho Marx in the comedy Double Dynamite (1951); Victor Mature, Vincent Price and Hoagy Carmichael in The Las Vegas Story (1952); Jeff Chandler in Foxfire (1955); and Clark Gable and Robert Ryan in The Tall Men (1955).

In Howard Hughes’ RKO production The French Line (1954), the movie’s penultimate moment showed Russell in a form-fitting one-piece bathing suit with strategic cut outs, performing a then-provocative musical number titled “Lookin’ for Trouble”. In her autobiography, Russell said that the revealing outfit was an alternative to Hughes’ original suggestion of a bikini, a very racy choice for a movie costume in 1954. Russell said that she initially wore the bikini in front of her “horrified” movie crew while “feeling very naked”. She and her first husband, former Los Angeles Rams quarterback Bob Waterfield, formed Russ-Field Productions in 1955. They produced Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (1955), The King and Four Queens (1956) starring Clark Gable and Eleanor Parker, Run for the Sun (1956) and The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown (1957).[citation needed]

She starred in Gentlemen Marry Brunettes, opposite Jeanne Crain, and in The Revolt of Mamie Stover (1956). After making The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown (1957), which failed at the box-office, she did not appear on the silver screen again for seven years.[citation needed]

On the musical front, Russell formed a gospel group with Connie Haines, former vocalist in the Harry James and Tommy Dorsey orchestras, and Beryl Davis, a British emigrant who had moved to the U.S. after success entertaining American troops stationed in England during World War II. With Della Russell as a fourth voice and backed by an orchestra conducted by Lyn Murray, their Coral single “Do Lord” reached number 27 on the Billboard singles chart in May 1954. Russell, Haines and Davis followed up with an LP for Capitol Records, The Magic of Believing. According to the liner notes on this album, the group started when the women met at a church social. Later, another Hollywood bombshell, Rhonda Fleming, joined them for more gospel recordings. A collection of some of Russell’s gospel and secular recordings was issued on CD in England in 2005, and the Capitol LP was issued on CD in 2008, in a package that also included more secular recordings, including Russell’s spoken word performances of Hollywood Riding Hood and Hollywood Cinderella backed by a jazz group that featured Terry Gibbs and Tony Scott.[citation needed]

In October 1957, she debuted in a successful solo nightclub act at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. She also fulfilled later engagements in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America and Europe. A self-titled solo LP was issued on MGM Records in 1959. It was reissued on CD in 2009 under the title Fine and Dandy, and the CD included some demo and soundtrack recordings as well. “I finally got to make a record the way I wanted to make it”, she said of the MGM album in the liner notes to the CD reissue. In 1961, she debuted with a tour of Janus in New England. In the fall of 1961, she performed in Skylark at the Drury Lane Theatre, Chicago. In November 1962, she performed in Bells Are Ringing at the Westchester Town House in Yonkers, New York.[citation needed]

Her next movie appearance came in Fate Is the Hunter (1964), in which she was seen as herself performing for the USO in a flashback sequence. She made only four more movies after that, playing character parts in the final two.

In 1971, she starred in the musical drama Company, making her debut on Broadway in the role of Joanne, succeeding Elaine Stritch. Russell performed the role of Joanne for almost six months. Also in the 1970s, she started appearing in television commercials as a spokeswoman for Playtex “cross your heart bras for us full-figured gals”, featuring the “18-hour bra”. She wrote an autobiography in 1985, Jane Russell: My Path and My Detours. In 1989, she received the Women’s International Center (WIC) Living Legacy Award.[citation needed]

Russell’s hand and foot prints are immortalized in the forecourt of Grauman’s Chinese Theater and she has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6850 Hollywood Boulevard.[citation needed]

Russell was voted one of the 40 Most Iconic Movie Goddesses of all time in 2009 by Glamour (UK edition).[5]

Personal life 

Russell had three husbands: Bob Waterfield, a UCLA All American, Cleveland Rams and Los Angeles Rams quarterback, Los Angeles Rams head coach, and Pro Football Hall of Fame member (married on April 24, 1943, then divorced in July 1968); actor Roger Barrett, (married on August 25, 1968 through his death on November 18, 1968); and the real-estate broker John Calvin Peoples (married January 31, 1974 through his death on April 9, 1999). Russell and Peoples lived in Sedona, Arizona for a few years, but spent the majority of their married life residing in Montecito, California. In February 1952, she and Waterfield adopted a baby girl, Tracy. In December 1952, they adopted a fifteen-month-old boy, Thomas, and in 1956 she and Waterfield adopted a nine-month-old boy, Robert John. Russell herself was unable to have children and, in 1955, she founded World Adoption International Fund (WAIF), an organization to place children with adoptive families that pioneered adoptions from foreign countries by Americans.[citation needed]

At the height of her career, Russell started the “Hollywood Christian Group”, a weekly Bible study at her home which was arranged for Christians in the film industry.[6] Russell appeared occasionally on the Praise The Lord program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, a Christian television channel based in Costa Mesa, California.[7] Russell was at times a prominent Republican Party member who attended Dwight Eisenhower’s inauguration along with other notables from Hollywood such as Lou Costello, Dick Powell, June Allyson, Anita Louise and Louella Parsons.

Russell resided in Santa Maria Valley along the Central Coast of California. She died at her home in Santa Maria, California of a respiratory-related illness on February 28, 2011.[8]

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