Carl Gallups; Craig James; Rick Joyner; Franklin Graham; Rick Wiles: Ku Koch Krackas Have a Krazy Kristian Karnival (7)!!! Joyner: ‘Lawlessness’ From Obama, Clinton, And SCOTUS Is A Sign Of The End Times!!! Tamara Scott; David Noebel: More Kornfed Kristian Kracka From Iowa (2)!!! RNC Rep: If Gays Are Born That Way, Why Do They ‘Recruit’ Kindergartners??? Glenn Beck; Chuck Pierce: Even More FLDS Approved New Apostolic Crackas (4)!!! ‘This Is The Beginning Of Sorrows’: Glenn Beck Warns Shooting Of Journalists Shows We’ve Reached The End Times!!! Oodles of Santorum Soaked Pat Crackas (4)!!! Pat Robertson: Market Crash God’s Punishment For Abortion Rights, Planned Parenthood Funding!!!

download (1)

dr_noebelNoebel: Teaching Gay Tolerance In Schools Is ‘Child Molestation’ SUBMITTED BY Miranda Blue – See tamara-scott-240x300more at: – Iowa Religious Right activist and state Republican Party committeewoman Tamara Scott invited Summit Ministries founder David Noebel onto her “Truth for The-Family-Leader1Our Time” radio program last week, where the two agreed that the ultimate goal of the download“homosexual
revolution” is to “destroy Christianity.”

downloadGay marriage, Noebel warned, is going to “affect everything,” pointing out that even before the Supreme 626409_300x300Court ruled on marriage equality, children in public schools were learning about the existence of gay people, which he said amounts to “child tamara-scott-192x300molestation.” – RNC Rep: If Gays Are Born That Way, Why Do They ‘Recruit’ Kindergartners? SUBMITTED BY Miranda Blue – See more ap110806124043-2257a5d45506e7e8b971844d8987dfb57fe8adc2-s700-c85at: – Iowa Religious Right activist and state RNC committeewoman Tamara Scott invited Summit Ministries 10599625_10202378496693054_6629489179944637801_nfounder David Noebel onto her “Truth for Our Time” radio program last week, where the two discussed how, in iowa-member-of-the-republican-national-committee-tamara-scottNoebel’s words, teaching tolerance for LGBT people in schools
amounts to
molestation” and the LGBT rights movement wants to “destroy Christianity

noebel3_302Scott shared a number of thoughts of her own on the issue, telling Noebel she would “confront hypocrisy” on the left even thoughNoebelbook she risked a
“social jihad” in response to her comments. 
Tamara Scott; David Noebel: More Kornfed Kristian Kracka From Iowa (2)!!!


Rick-Joyner-close-FacebookJoyner: ‘Lawlessness’ From Obama, Clinton, And SCOTUS Is A Sign Of The End Times 11130161_1109553782404609_2576142137025538244_nSUBMITTED BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – On today’s “Prophetic Perspective on Current Eventsobama-speech-e1342050505906program, Rick Joyner warned that the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision, the end_of_worldcontroversy over Hillary Clinton’s private email server and President Obama’s entire presidency are imagesproof of increasing “lawlessness” in American, which is a sign of the End Times.

Joyner-with-caption-on-TV“If nothing happens to Hillary, if she’s not prosecuted for this, what has happened to law, what has happened to order, to image2justice?” Joyner asked. He went on to insist that Obama has “committed many impeachable offenses” obama8which are sowing the seeds of lawlessness all over this nation. “If the president doesn’t have to keep laws that he doesn’t agree with, why Rick-Joyner-OCCUPY-2014-reg-rateshould anybody have to keep laws they don’t agree with?” he asked. “Why should I have to obey this speed limit sign out here? I don’t agree with it.” – Screen_Shot_2013-01-29_at_5.30.20_PMOver Half Of NOM’s Anti-Gay Campaign In Maine Came From Megadonor Sean Fieler SUBMITTED BY Miranda Blue – See more Briansbrown-cropat: – The National Organization for Marriage today released a list of donors to its successful 2009 campaign to overturn Maine’s marriage equality brian-brown-nomlaw, revealing that one activist, New York hedge fund manager and social conservative megadonor, almost Screen-Shot-2014-08-07-at-3.55.22-PMsingle-handedly funded the effort. – Rick Wiles Links Abortion Rights To Wildfires SUBMITTED BY Brian 1463123_595878837138659_413822217_nTashman – See more at: – On the Friday edition of his “Trunews” radio program, End Times preacher Rick Wiles said that the governor of JEBUnWashington state could end the severe wildfires in the Pacific Northwest if he simply brought the state back into God’s good graces by banning abortion.


Jay_Inslee_Official_PhotoAfter quoting Gov. Jay Inslee’s remarks on the wildfires, Wiles urged the governor to “repent of your sins on behalf of the entire state” and “stop killing the 1269118475473612326babies in your abortion clinics.” – The Abortion Protester’s Guidebook For Invading Patients’ jesusgun3-330x234Privacy SUBMITTED BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – A ProPublica investigation published in the Washington Post United-States-of-Christtoday looks at the sophisticated data collection methods used by abortion-clinic 11221187_10205572131855276_1979024398_oprotesters to gather information about abortion providers, 11164695_1105753802784400_1451049571563354859_n (1)which has occasionally led to the identities of abortion patients being publicly exposed against their will.


sean-hannity-david-daleiden“In recent years, abortion opponents have become experts at accessing public records Acorn James O'Keefe + Hannah Giles in costumesuch as recordings of 911 calls, autopsy reports, and documents from state health departments and medical boards, Troy Newman, Gary Cassthen publishing the information on their Web sites,” writes ProPublica’s Charles Ornstein.

hqdefault“Some activists have dug through clinics’ trash to find privacy violations by abortion providers — such as 150122_march_for_life_msm_1160patient records tossed in dumpsters — and used them to file complaints with regWhiteHouserainbowulators.” – 
Religious Right Pundit: Rainbow-Colored White
duggarHouse ‘Abominable’ SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman on Tuesday – See more at: – 
Yesterday on “Washington Watch,” family_research_council_logo1Family Research Council official Craig James spoke to Ken Barun of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association downloadabout Franklin Graham’s upcoming 50-state tour Palin-and-Graham“to encourage Christians to get out and vote, and to cast their ballots for candidates who uphold biblical principles.”

WashingtonWatchBarun, who worked for Nancy Reagan in the White House, told James craigjamesthat upon seeing the
White House lit up in 1539097700001_3631970334001_video-still-for-video-2947641540001“the gay colors” to celebrate LGBT Pride Month in June, “it was like someone stabbed me in the gut.” 
– Ftumblr_m6pmx2n6it1ra6skqo1_500ar-Right Pastor: US Turning Into Gay Dystopia, Unlike Putin’s Christian gallups_Final-WarningRussia SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – End Times preacher Carl Gallups spoke to WorldNetDaily  yesterday Michele-Bachmannabout the Shemittah prophecy of something bad happening in September, citing an article from a putin_on_the_ritz-116138Russian government-owned news agency, Sputnik, claiming that the U.S. is “gearing up 0 (1)for onrushing economic collapse.” – – Pastor Ties Market Turmoil To Gay Rights And Legal Abortion carlSUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – End Times preacher Carl Gallups spoke to wnd-top-news-sites11WorldNetDaily yesterday about Pat Robertson’s claim that Netanyahu-and-John-Hageethis week’s stock market turmoil represented God’s judgment on America. –  Carl Gallups; Craig James; Rick Joyner
hooga-crackerFranklin Graham
 Rick WilesKu Koch Krackas Have a Krazy Kristian Karnival (7)!!!

med_gallery_2_4_25117Pat-Robertson-Diane-Terry-e1340576201849Pat Robertson: Loving God Spared Man From Having To Care For Sick Woman SUBMITTED BY Brian Pat-RobertsonTashman – See more at: –  Today in the segment of his “The 700 Club” program in which franklin-graham-purple-backgroundhe dispenses (often questionable) advice to viewers, televangelist AnneGrahamLotzBiblePat Robertson responded to a question about whether God can heal broken relationshipsduck-dynasty-phil-robertson-pro-life by recalling the story of an acquaintance whose relationship he said God deliberately ended.

o-PAT-ROBERTSON-ISLAM-NAZISM-facebookRobertson said he once knew a man who was deeply in love with a woman, but the woman potterrobertsondidn’t think he was wealthy enough to support her lifestyle so broke things off. – Pat Robertson: Market jerry_falwell1Crash God’s Punishment For Abortion Rights, Planned Parenthood Funding SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Televangelist Pat TeleTubby_FalwellRobertson responded to the dramatic market sell-off today by suggesting that it was only a foretaste of Pro-Life And Pro-Choice Supporters Rally At Texas CapitolGod’s judgment for legal abortion and federal funding of Planned Parenthood.


cbn_700club_christmas_advice_150105a-800x430Following a report on demonstrations against Planned Parenthood that took 500px-700_Club_logoplace this weekend, the “700 Club” host said that God is not pleased with the Obama hageeadministration’s position on Planned Parenthood and abortion rights, as made clear by today’s market slide. – 5 Times Pat Robertson Blamed Tragedies On Legal Abortion, Gays And Peace Deals Falwell-Tinky-WinkySUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Pat Robertson’s claim that yesterday’s d-magazine1dive in the stock-market was just a foretaste of God’s judgment for federal funding of Planned Parenthood and the legalization of abortion was E.W.-Jacksonnothing new for the televangelist, who has made a career out of explaining such things as phil-robertson_biblehow a lack of prayer was to blame for a spate of tornadoes in franklin-graham2012 and why a Pennsylvania town could face divine wrath for teaching the theory of evolution in schools.



075-Pat-Robertson-on-Global-WarmingThe “700 Club” host has alleged that natural disasters and even terrorist attacks occur cbn_700club_speeding_141120c-800x430because God will no longer protect a country from harm or will actively seek to cbn_news_150x100destroy it when it legalizes abortion, approves gay rights or, in Haiti’s case, makes a deal with the Coulter-CBNDevil. – Pat Robertson: Gay Marriage Leads To Chaos, Sadness And God’s Wrath SUBMITTED BY Brian img_4915_john-hagee-3-of-4-i-am-not-ashamed-of-the-gospel-rom-1-16-9-5-04Tashman – See more at: – Today, just one day after claiming that the recent stock market sell-off was God’s creech_cjudgment for legal abortion and federal funding for Planned Parenthood, televangelist Pat Robertson declared that the U.S. must get milesready to face God’s wrath for the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide.

PAT_R_TEXAS_FLOOD Robertson fielded a question on today’s “The 700 Club” from a viewer who wanted to cbn_700club_clean_141113a-800x430know why American society is “so sad and lost in the 21st century.” Robertson promptlychuck_pierce_blue
blamed the Supreme Court
for removing
the influence of the Bible from society with its rulings on the separation of church sponsored_by_trunews_indexand state, abortion rights, homosexuality and gay marriage. – Oodles of Santorum Soaked Pat Crackas (4)!!!

Churck-Pierce-Glenn Beck

beckandlimbaugh‘Do You Have Ammunition And Guns And God?’: Glenn Beck Warns That Fascism, milk-planned-parenthood-satanistWar, And Hunger Are Coming SUBMITTED BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – Glenn Beck opened satanists-copy (1)his television program last night by warning his audience that satanic-temple-rallys-in-support-planned-parenthood-milk-drowningsyesterday’s significant stock market decline was simply a foretaste of what we can expect to see sDSDP3Uwhen the massive global “correction” that he has been predicting for years finally hits.

glenn-beck-straitjacket“If we continue to follow progressive principles and, quite honestly, Common Core math,” Beck warned, “we will 351e0b_78b3e4c6cbb4407b8ab88ad2a04fa9cf.jpg_srb_p_610_610_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbrepeat the same mistakes we made in the 1930s and the 1940s and the world will follow with fascism, communism, war, and hunger. It’s going to happen, gang.”  reverse-1272964790_glenn-beck-crying‘This Is The Beginning Of Sorrows’: Glenn Beck Warns Shooting Of Journalists Shows We’ve Reached The End Times SUBMITTED BY downloadKyle Mantyla – See more at: – Back in 2013, Glenn Beck declared on his radio show that if it ever got to the point where he started readingdownload (3) Scripture on the air, you could be sure that it was a sign that we are rapidly approaching the End Times.

beck8That was two years ago and since we don’t seem to have quite reached the End of Days yet, Beck returned to reading from Scripture on his program today in download (2)the wake of the shooting of a television reporter and cameraman live on air, warning once again that our time is up. – 2013-08-26-DeMint-Beck-DefundGlenn Beck Certain Satanist’s Milk Protest Carried ‘Ancient Ritualistic Evil’ Significance SUBMITTED BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – Over the pp-Screen-Shot1-2015-08-24-at-10.01.06-AM-620x369weekend, members of the Satanicplanned_parenthood_sign Temple‘s Detroit chapter showed up to counter anti-abortion protests outside of
47472270.cachedPlanned Parenthood 

facilities, at one point dumping gallons of milk over the heads of participants.

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 10.25.07 AM

glenn-beck (1)Glenn Beck took some time to analyze this milk protest on his radio show today, telling his audience that he was positive there download (12)was some hidden but extremely important spiritual significance to the act. new-apostolic-reformation-what-is-it – Glenn Beck Receives ‘New Mantle For The Future’ From NAR Prophet SUBMITTED BY Glenn_Beck15-620x389Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – Earlier this month we noted how Chuck Chuck-PiercePierce, a self-proclaimed modern-day “prophet” and top gazette-JimGarlowleader within the New Apostolic Reformation, claimed that his prayer efforts were responsible for the re-election of Gov. Sam Brownback in Kansas.


generals-internationalSuch accomplishments are nothing new for Pierce, considering that his prayers are so images (4)powerful that they have caused earthquakes and
captured Saddam Hussein
… and now they are even bringing Glenn Beck into the fold.

sam_brownback_nar1Yesterday, Beck attended Pierce’s church in Corinth, Texas, where Pierce personally presented him with a “new mantle ap_kris_kobach_dm_120424_wblogfor the future”: – Daniel Lapin; Glenn BeckChuck PierceEven More Approved Crackas (4)!!!


jesus_saves_kkk1Bryan Fischer; Josh Duggar: Criminalize spanking the monkey (3)!!! Fischer: 10492041_10152155652345981_6942908066545264467_nPornography, Adultery And Ashley Madison Ought To Be Illegal!!! Spank the Weiner!!! 1618579_576233745803017_1129167419_n11Michael Savage Shocked To See Muslims In A Museum!!! Donald Trump; Ann Coulter: Mexican Crackas (2)!!! Ann Coulter: ‘President 1969113_10200790201395726_242126422_n1Trump’ Proof That ‘God Hasn’t Given Up On America Yet’!!!
Ku Klingenschmitt and Ku King, Krackas (4)!!! Religious Right Unaware That Rosa
1395108_7174217616026411Parks & Martin Luther King Jr. Supported Planned Parenthood!!! Ku Kentucky and
Ku Kruz Krackas (7)!!! Is Ted Cruz The ‘Evangelical true-the-vote-catherine-engelbrechtand Constitutional
Warrior’ the Right Has Been Waiting For???


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Bryan Fischer; Josh Duggar: Criminalize spanking the monkey (3)!!! Fischer: Pornography, Adultery And Ashley Madison Ought To Be Illegal!!! Spank the Weiner!!! Michael Savage Shocked To See Muslims In A Museum!!! Donald Trump; Ann Coulter: Mexican Crackas (2)!!! Ann Coulter: ‘President Trump’ Proof That ‘God Hasn’t Given Up On America Yet’!!! Ku Klingenschmitt and Ku King, Krackas (4)!!! Religious Right Unaware That Rosa Parks & Martin Luther King Jr. Supported Planned Parenthood!!! Ku Kentucky and Ku Kruz Krackas (7)!!! Is Ted Cruz The ‘Evangelical and Constitutional Warrior’ the Right Has Been Waiting For???


IRTFF1Fischer: When Deporting Repeat Border Crossers, Make Them ‘Migrate Clear Across The Country’ Just To Get Back Home SUBMITTED BY Kyle Mantyla – See more download (3)at: – On his radio program yesterday, Bryan Fischertook a call from a listener who had a rather unique suggestion of what to do with people who 640_josh_duggar_santorumillegally cross into America repeatedly: place them on military spank_the_monkeytransport planes and then dump them out in the middle of nowhere.

funny-monkey-78“Mike from Virginia” told Fischer that repeat offenders “should be loaded on to C130s and para-dropped into Tierra del Fuego, ashley-madisonand Nigeria, and North Vietnam” and Fischer thought that was a pretty good idea, though he did not necessarily support going to such extreme fischermeasures. – Fischer: Pornography, Adultery And Ashley Madison Ought To Be Illegal SUBMITTED BY Kyle hqdefaultMantyla – See more at: – Bryan Fischer reacted to the latest sordid revelations regarding Josh josh_duggar_mike_huckabeeDuggar on his radio program today by calling for downloadpornography and adultery to be outlawed and for the website Ashley Madison to be shut down.

baby-monkey-1“I believe that pornography could be, and ought to be, illegal,” Fischer said. “It ought to be against the 0_0_350_0_70_campaign-asia_content_20130708104610_ashley_madisonlaw. The First Amendment protects the freedom of speech, it does not protect the freedom or the right to 936full-ashley-madisontake your clothes off and have sex in front of a camera … And this Ashley Madison website, which is designed to promote Rick Santorumadulterous liaisons, I think that is a website that by its very nature ought to be illegal.” – Fischer: Illegal huckabee-fischer1Immigration Undermines America’s Core Mission To Spread The Gospel Of Jesus SUBMITTED BY Kyle 53b2471eccea4388aee9968adddaa512Mantyla – See more at: – On his radio program today, Bryan Fischer declared that God created the United monkey2States for the purpose of spreading the Gospel of Christ throughout the world and therefore illegal immigration must be stopped because it is causing imagesdivision within the nation and sucking up valuable resources that could otherwise be used for spreading the Gospel.

monkey“Our purpose as a nation,” he said, “is to advance and expand the Kingdom of God. That is the calling that is on the United States … And we have, up to this point in history, we have capuchin-monkey-0012abundantly fulfilled that mission. The United States has invested more financial resources and sent more personnel 600full-ashley-madisoncarrying the message of the Gospel to more darkened corners of the world than any other place on the planet. And that is our calling and that is what illegal immigration is download (2)threatening.” – Bryan FischerJosh DuggarCriminalize spanking the monkey (3)!!!


savage-new-yorker-300x250Michael Savage Shocked To See Muslims In A Museum SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Right-wing talk radio host Michael Savage weiner-hard-20visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art recently and was shocked to discover weiner-hard-25that several Muslim women were similarly enjoying the museum’s cultural offerings, he reported on Friday.

savagenation-bannerAfter praying that the U.S. will soon “get a president who A) loves America and B) changes weiner-in-the-oveneverything in America back to the way it was” and that the country will “stop bringing in haters of America,” Savage said he was “perplexed” to see new-york-daily-news-weiner-july-2013-beat-it“a fair number of women in burqas or head coverings” during his recent trip to the museum. – Spank the Weiner!!!


COULTERAnn Coulter: ‘President Trump’ Proof That ‘God Hasn’t Given Up On America Yet’ SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman – See more – While introducing Donald Trump at his rally in Dubuque, Iowa, last ann_coulter021night, Ann Coulter said she has “felt like she’s dreaming” ever “since Donald Trump announced that he’s running for president” because now the media is covering her criticisms of U.S. immigration policy.

Scary_CoulterCoulter, who once gushed about serving as Trump’s secretary of Homeland Security, has boasted that the GOP frontrunner read her latest anti-immigrant book, praising his plan to coulterdeport every single undocumented immigrant and undermine the 14th Amendment as “the greatest political document since the Magna Carta.” – ap_146719991267_wide-1c45e0b7d2c7cc72644660e2d55f4f27ee0fd2f7-s1600-c85Donald Trump Trolls Jeb Bush On Twitter For ‘Speaking Mexican’ SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Donald Trump has really perfected the art of Twitter, using it as a platform to peddle right-wing conspiracy 300px-pancho_villa_horseback2theories about everything from climate change to President Obama’s birth certificate. – Donald TrumpAnn CoulterMexican Crackas (2)!!!

Steve King

images (5)Klingenschmitt’s Defense: Gays And Pedophiles Are Possessed By Different
Demons SUBMITTED BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at:
 – Gordon Klingenschmitt 
dedicated his most recent Pray In Jesus NameKlingenschmitt_Healthcareshow to responding to the criticism he has received after using an earlier program to urge parents to remove their
sons gordon_klingenschmitt_2_afrom the Boy Scouts before they are molested as a result of the organization’s decision to lift the ban on gay scout leaders.

janet-porterAfter justifiably complaining that some of his words were taken out of context and insisting that he never called for gay scoutmasters to be drowned in the sea, Klingenschmitt GordKling-668x501brought on his close friend Janet Porter of Faith 2 Action to defend him from the “lies” and to pray against the gty_amnesty_130514_wmainattacks on him.  
Steve King Claims Obama ‘Apologized To Africa For Slavery’ When ‘There’s Nothing To Apologize For’
cnn_nd_king_150505e-800x430SUBMITTED BY Miranda Blue – See more at:
 – Rep. Steve King
, R-Iowa, who has knsi-radio-logobeen very impressed with Donald Trump’s candidacy, joined
Minnesota talk radio host A1gZJkMCIAEz5z7Dan “Ox” Ochsner earlier this month to discuss Trump’s far-right positions, which he said have “tapped into the emotions of fed-up Americans.”

steve_king_1_aAmericans, King claimed, are “fed up” with President Obama “dismantling our military” and apologizing to “every Bachmann holds a news conference with Gohmert and King to discuss the debt ceiling and military benefits, at the U.S. Capitol in Washingtoncontinent out there” for things like slavery when “there’s nothing for us to apologize for.” – Alveda-KingAlveda King: Planned Parenthood Is Feeding America A Poop Brownie With Arsenic-wiles3-2-800x430Laced Sweet Tea SUBMITTED BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – Alveda King, priests_for_life_logodirector of African-American outreach for Priests for Life, joined End Times conspiracy JEBUntheorist Rick Wiles on his “TruNews” program yesterday to discuss efforts to defund Planned Parenthood in the wake of a series of smear videos by an anti-abortion group.

MEjEl (1)Wiles told King that while GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trumphas said he supports maintaining federal funding for Planned Parenthood’s 150716095839-cecile-richards-sept-2012-dnc-medium-plus-169non-abortion services, “To me, the issue isn’t whether funding should be cut off, the issue is the arrest and imprisonment of Planned planned_parenthood_signParenthood officials. These people need to be in prison.” – Religious Right Unaware That Rosa Parks & Martin Luther King Jr. Supported Planned Bishop_EW_Jackson-563x353Parenthood SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Last Friday, right-WashingtonWatchwing pastor and Fox News contributor E.W. Jackson appeared on the Family Research Council’s “Washington duggarWatch” program to advertise a press conference and rally he is organizing with   the Media Research family_research_council_logo1Center to demand the National Portrait Gallery remove a bust of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger from its “The Struggle for Justice” exhibit.

tony-perkins-1024Jackson told FRC President Tony Perkins, the host of the program, that Sanger’s statue belongs in a “Hall of hope___mao_zedong_by_x_alphajetz_x-d461oacInfamy or Shame” that includes “Ku Klux Klansmen, Adolf Hitler and Mao Zedong,” saying that she doesn’t belong alongside “Martin Luther King Jr.and Rosa Parks Martin-luther-King-stands-on-the-balcony-of-the-Memphis-hotelas if she was some hero of mlk_jr_slayingjustice.” –  Ku Klingenschmitt and Ku King, Krackas (4)!!!


caseydavisKentucky Clerk: It’s My Job To Tell Gays They’re Going To Hell SUBMITTED BY Brian oliver_cromwells_head_lTashman – See more at: – As we reported, local Kentucky official Casey Davis said in a radio interview earlier this week that he will defy a court order to ROOM29Cromwellissue marriage licenses to same-sex couples even “if it takes my life.”


CromwellThe Casey County clerk also told West Virginia radio host Tom Roten on Monday that he believes that, as a Christian, he should be exempt from performing such job duties because his thescarletletterreligion requires him to not only oppose same-sex marriage but also to tell gay people that they are going to Hell unless they repent and get washed in “the blood of Jesus Christ.” – 1060x600-a94f5285aff25e7d4ccf0fb60050f104Iowa GOPer: God Raising Up Ted Cruz To Save America SUBMITTED BY Brian imagesTashman – See more at: – – Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz, who chairs Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign in the first-in-the-nation caucus state, introduced Nugent_Kobach_Crazies-485x394the Texas Republican at the candidate’s “Rally for Religious Liberty” in Des Moines on Friday.

290393884_6402113Schultz told the crowd that just as Jesus Christ threw the moneychangers out of 04294-veteransmemorialrallysarahpalinmikeleetedcruzsunoct132013 (1)the Temple, Cruz will go to Washington D.C. to “throw the moneychangers out.” – casey_davisKentucky Clerk Says He May Die Fighting Gay Marriage SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman – See more 1383656_77040949965279111at: – A small group of county clerks in Kentucky have said that they will defy the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage 1475916_1015180908959113-111-1equality and refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. One of them, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, recently lost her case in federal court and is likely to lose on appeal.


daleandersontomrotenOn Monday, Casey County Clerk Casey Davis (no relation) ky3_copyappeared on Huntington, West Virginia’s “The Tom Roten Morning Show” to discuss how he premium-saltine-crackerssimilarly plans to defy the courts if ordered to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples … even to the point of death. – Is Ted Cruz palin-cruz-afpThe ‘Evangelical and Constitutional Warrior’ the Right Has Been Waiting For? SUBMITTED BY Peter Montgomery – See more at: – cruz_jesusCruz: ‘Liberal Fascism’ Seeks ‘To Persecute, To Punish, To Fine’ Any Christian Who Opposes Gay Marriage johnfeaSUBMITTED BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – Messiah College Professor John Fea, a reputable Christian historian who 1463123_595878837138659_413822217_nhas challenged the inaccurate Christian-nation history of David Barton, wrote yesterday that Cruz may be the candidate download-44“best suited to consolidate the votes of the powerful evangelical wing of the GOP.”

Ted CruzCruz promotes David Barton’s view of American history and will be mc-logospeaking at Barton’s “ProFamily Legislators Conference” in ted-rafael-cruzNovember– Ted Cruz Allies With Pastor Who Said 9/11 Was God’s Punishment SUBMITTED BY Brian 503324998_1280x720Tashman – See more at: – Ted Cruz is partnering with the American Renewal 9946058_300x300Project, the right-wing organization led by Christian Nation extremist David Lane, for what the Washington Post describes as “an plannedparenthoodambitious 50-state campaign to end taxpayer support for Planned Parenthood.”


David_LaneLane won’t be the only radical activist organizing this campaign. The Tuesday conference calls with United-States-of-Christpastors will begin with a message from Cruz, who will be followed on the call by Doug Stringer, a pastor who hqdefaultworks with American Renewal and Response USA to plan statewide prayer rallies at the Bobby-Jindal-485x295request of conservative governors such as [Bobby] Jindal and [Rick] Perry. – Is Ted Cruz perry-prayer2Winning The Christian Nation Primary? SUBMITTED BY Peter Montgomery – See more at: – Christian-nation download (1)activist David Lane has been fuming for years that conservative evangelicals divided their Republican primary votes in 2008 and 2012, allowing  and Mitt Romney to capture the mccain_taco_failGOP presidential nominations even though neither was a favorite of the party’s Religious Right activists. Lane, mormonism-huckabee_anti-mormonwho believes America was founded by and for Christians, has vowed to prevent that from happening again, and has been hosting events
110221_huckabee_romney_ap_328in early primary states
giving conservative
pastors a chance to hear DuggarCruzfrom and evaluate GOP presidential candidates. – Ku Kentucky and Ku Kruz Krackas (7)!!!


51z3FaHTh1L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Hardcore Fundie Church of Wells Cracka!!! Sinners in the Hands When is a church a cult??? 2 Church of Wells members found guilty of trespassing at Nacogdoches 10523213_10203935852892111_2359345056223588765_n1restaurant!!! The Younger Years of the Church of Wells Elders, a cult. During their college days at Baylor!!! Catherine Grove Leaves the Church of Wells!!! Wells community images (4)members protest againt the Church of Wells!!! Six arrested during Lakewood Church service!!! WATCH The Crazy Scene In Megapastor Joel Olsteen’s Church That Had One 11221187_10205572131855276_1979024398_oAttendee ‘Terrified’!!! Men accused of hec
kling at Lakewood Church appear in court!!! Preaching outside Joel Osteen’s 11164695_1105753802784400_1451049571563354859_n (1)Lakewood Church in Houston!!! Bruce Pepper: Apostates Rebuked – The 4th W
atch!!! Right-wing pastor Mark Creech
Netanyahu-and-John-Hageeaccuses Pat Robertson of “blasphemy” for rejecting young-earth creationism!!! Pat Robertson and John Hagee Blame Texas images-11
Flooding On the Rev. Mark Creech!!! Quiverfull of Shit: a Guide to the Duggars’ Scary Brand of Christianity!!!




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Hardcore Fundie Church of Wells Cracka!!! Sinners in the Hands When is a church a cult??? 2 Church of Wells members found guilty of trespassing at Nacogdoches restaurant!!! The Younger Years of the Church of Wells Elders, a cult. During their college days at Baylor!!! Catherine Grove Leaves the Church of Wells!!! Wells community members protest againt the Church of Wells!!! Six arrested during Lakewood Church service!!! WATCH The Crazy Scene In Megapastor Joel Olsteen’s Church That Had One Attendee ‘Terrified’!!! Men accused of heckling at Lakewood Church appear in court!!! Preaching outside Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston!!! Bruce Pepper: Apostates Rebuked – The 4th Watch!!! Right-wing pastor Mark Creech accuses Pat Robertson of “blasphemy” for rejecting young-earth creationism!!! Pat Robertson and John Hagee Blame Texas Flooding On the Rev. Mark Creech!!! Quiverfull of Shit: a Guide to the Duggars’ Scary Brand of Christianity!!!


8504642_G2 Church of Wells members found guilty of trespassing at Nacogdoches restaurant By Caleb Beames – NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) – Two members
of the controversial Church of Wells were found guilty of criminal 8504656_Gtrespass in a Nacogdoches County court-at-law on Thursday because they came back to a McDonalds after a police officer gave them warnings not to return back in April.

The sentencing has been reset.

Nacogdoches_tx_county_courthouse_2015The two Church of Wells members represented themselves when they made an appearance in a
Nacogdoches County
 court-at-Nacogdoches-County-Courthouse-001law Thursday in reference to allegations that they violated a criminal trespass order to speak to customers at a McDonald’s restaurant a second time.

seanmorris_churchofwells-787x450The Younger Years of the Church Elders Sean Morris and Ryan Ringnald, both in their kasiaseanphotolate twenties, are leaders of the conservative, 90-person Church of Wells, which many consider to be a cult. This doesn’t come as a surprise to a number of peers who knew them 3534644during their college years at Baylor. By Sonia Smith – See more at: – Ten years ago this August, Sean Morris and Ryan 2455486Ringnald loaded their things into boxes and moved into their dorm rooms at Penland Hall, just two of the 3,168 freshman who would matriculate at Baylor University that fall. Their lives have since taken a more unusual trajectory. The duo, along with a third 4863769450_fdae0d2d9f_byoung man, now lead a small, zealous congregation in east Texas that some consider to be a cult.


imagesMany of the church’s ninety members, who arrived in Wells in 2012, are estranged from their families, and they alarmed locals in May of that year
when they allowed a newborn baby to die, ch27A5E9B700000578-0-image-a-68_1429234306724oosing to pray over the struggling infant instead of calling a doctor.

11164695_1105753802784400_1451049571563354859_n (1)wells2-759x505Friends and college classmates have been following 966999-0-20140202054652the
with the Church of Wells with, as
one said, “fascination and sorrow.”


552bdb9250f0c.imageBut a number of peers said that they are not entirely surprised by the men’s fundamentalism,
cracker-jack-imagehaving witnessed the beginning stages of their transformation at Baylor.

wells3-769x475Catherine Grove Leaves the Church of Wells By Sonia Smith – See more at: – A full 21 Months 27A5A2E400000578-0-image-a-41_1429231937135after Catherine Grove slipped away from her apartment in Arkansas without a word to join the Church of Wells, a controversial evangelical27A5D0A800000578-0-image-m-40_1429231922016 group in East Texas
that many consider a cult, she was reunited with her family at their farm in the Ozarks Friday.


catherine_groveCatherine’s parents, Andy and Patty Grove, were so crushed by their daughter’s 27A5D10700000578-0-image-a-42_1429231995822departure in July 2012 that they put aside everything else in their lives and moved into a borrowed RV in the 1024x1024 (6)small town of Wells for a few months in hopes of having a one-on-one Fred_Phelps_10-29-2002conversation
with their daughter, the third of
their five children.


The Groves’ vocal struggle 1024x1024 (3)brought considerable media scrutiny to the Church of Wells,
including coverage by CNN and Nightline.


920x920 (1)Her parents have maintained that Catherine was being
brainwashed by the group, which purports that they are
the only group 1024x1024 (5)in
America practicing
true biblical

But 26-year-old 27A5D09E00000578-3042930-image-a-75_1429236209145Catherine, legally an adult, wouldn’t budge, and has had only sporadic and fleeting contact with her parents since leaving Arkansas.

how-a-cult-like-church-changed-a-texas-townWells community members protest againt the Church of Wells -WELLS, TX (KETK) — The Wells community 27A5E9AE00000578-0-image-a-69_1429234312612had their annual homecoming parade last Saturday, but things got a little out of members from the church of Wells were preaching during that parade. Some say members began to condemn young children to “hell.” That didn’t sit sat3_zpsccb0a0f6well with some of the community members and a fight broke out, injuring three church members.Wells residents sat2_zps3de1d47fsaid, they’re fed up with the church and they want them to leave. They had a protest April 12th against the church.

1024x1024 (1)
Matthew Bagnall, Kiama, sat5_zps1628b2d7Australia: “We weren’t targeting your child. We were speaking to the adults and your child just happened to be there, Sir.”


sat6_zpsff4179d1Sean Morris: “We didn’t go up there to
preach to children. We didn’t, like, walk premium-saltine-crackersup to this child we don’t know and say “You’re going to Hell.” We were opening proclaiming the gospel to all the multitude of the people that were there.”


“And, at the age of the knowledge of Good and Evil, ssat7_zps93578242he needs to know she’s going to Hell and she needs to know how to be Saved.”


sat8_zps1665ef78 “You want to talk to Catherine, she’s dead.”


600px-Lakewood_churchSix arrested during Lakewood Church service – HOUSTON – Six people were arrested at 1024x1024 (4)Lakewood Church Sunday after heckling Pastor Joel Osteen while he was preaching, according to Houston Police.

652_Joel_OsteenWATCH The Crazy Scene In Megapastor Joel Olsteen’s Church That Had One Attendee ‘Terrified’ – Six imagespeople were arrested Sunday after allegedly interrupting a sermon by Pastor Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church images (1)in Houston, Texas. All of the protesters came from a “revivalist” church in East Texas.


062915-Jacob-GardnerLakewood Church spokesman Donald Iloff told the Houston Chronicle the men came from the Church of Wells in Wells, Texas. “They came out 11174951_383333701858428_6573029791807996816_nscreaming scriptures,” Iloff said, who noted the group “goes after churches they don’t agree2005-08-01_large with.” The Lakewood
spokesmen also told the Chronicle the group was in the church about a month ago, causing a disturbance before being asked to leave.

lakewood6mugs-jpgMen accused of heckling at Lakewood Church appear in court Author: Erica Young, News
Six people who went 825015_630x354to jail for disrupting a service at Lakewood Church appeared before a judge on trespassing charges Thursday.


Joel-Osteen-001Before their appearance, the members of the  sang images (4)in the court hallway and explained why they were at the church on Sunday morning.


saltines1The six claim the trespassing charges against them are false.

Jonathan_EdwardsSinners in the Hands When is a church a cult? By Sonia Smith – See more at: – See more sinners_in_the_hands_of_an_angry_god_by_jonathan_edwards_17411at: – Andy and Patty Grove never planned to settle outside of Texas. thescarletletterTheir roots in the state reach back many generations. Patty’s ancestors came oliver_cromwells_head_lto Texas on a wagon train from Tennessee in the 1830’s (an elementary school in Houston is named Cromwellfor her great-grandfather); Andy’s father owned a tract of land that is now part of the posh Houston neighborhood of ROOM29CromwellHedwig Village. The two grew up downloada mere five miles away from each other in West Houston, where they index.1attended Stratford and Memorial, rival high schools in Spring Campus_Crusade_LogoBranch ISD. They met while volunteering with Campus Crusade for Christ as CAMPUSCRUSADEFILERSundergraduates at the University of Houston in the late seventies. After marrying, in 1982, they texas-arlington1settled in Arlington, where Andy took a job as the campus director of the University of Texas at 1505141_10155129187130364_3337034554071321339_nArlington’s branch of International Students, a Christian organization that works with foreign-exchange students. In the wareagle7early nineties, on a camping trip to Arkansas with some of these students, war_eagle_mill13_458x604the Groves fell in love with the natural beauty of the Ozarks and traded their brick house in the suburbs for a 140-acre 52bba61c36e3d.imagefarm in Arkansas’s War Eagle
. There, in a d-magazine1one-hundred-year-old house built from rough-cut oak, they set about raising their five children in a rural idyll.

thegrovespictureThey bred quarter horses
and cattle and hunted and fished throughout the year. Summers were spent swimming in the clear waters of catherine-groveWar Eagle Creek, picking blackberries, and horseback riding on the trails that crisscrossed Seven Saddles Farm.

bobjonesPreaching outside Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston Youfaith Team – Preacher rebukes Joel Osteen in the middle of downloadLakewood Church! – Acts 29 USA preacher, Bruce Pepper stands Gov. Bobby Jindal, left, Jesus Christ, center, and Rep. Valarieup in the middle of Lakewood Church ONE WORLD RELIGION conference and rebukes…

download (2)Bruce Pepper: Apostates Rebuked – The 4th Watch – EXCLUSIVE: Apostates Rebuked with hqdefaultspecial guest Bruce Pepper. In this episode Justen talks with Bruce about the night he was detained for interrupting hqdefault (1)a service at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church. The adventure includes a first hand account of events and his video cromwellhead1that’s been creating much buzz online, demonic seducing spirits download (1)and a new age priestess at 23156684Lakewood Church, Bruce’s personal 29906170001_4327985388001_video-still-for-video-4327873199001testimony, as well as warnings to consider. hooga-crackerJoin us tonight for these and much more! This is one broadcast you won’t want to miss!

creech_cRight-wing pastor Mark Creech accuses Pat Robertson of “blasphemy” for rejecting young-earth creationism Pat Robertson’s belief that the earth is more 1477683_101521390298582than 6,000 years old is losing him friends on the religious right ELIAS ISQUITH – After begging young-earth creationist
and Bill Nye sparring partner ken hamKen Ham to stop making Christian fundamentalists look like a “joke,” Pat Robertson continues to find himself playing an unusual role as the voice of reason.


Palin-and-GrahamRobertson’s latest foil is Rev. Mark Creech of the Christian Action League, an affiliate of the American Family
 (Bryan Fischer‘s employer). huckabee-fischer1In a column posted at Renew America
 on Sunday, Creech took Robertson to task for failing to believe the planet is only 6,000 years old.

PAT_R_TEXAS_FLOODPat Robertson and John Hagee Blame Texas Flooding On the Rev. Mark
 – VIRGINIA BEACH, VA — Screen-Shot-2014-02-10-at-3.40.03-PM-e1392064812427-620x412The Reverend Pat Robertson admits that these days he’s in a bit of a quandary.

1424394970“The Good Lord has seen fit to put in my life a real and true moral dilemma,” the aging
televangelist 82403620 (1)told reporters at a recent press conference outside the Virginia Beach, Virginia headquarters of the Christian bobby-jindalBroadcasting Network. “That dilemma,” says Robertson, “is just who to blame all the flooding in Texas on.”

pat-robertson1Robertson told the press that unlike the 1995 Northridge earthquake download (9)and Hurricane Bonnie that hit Florida in 1998 — both natural disasters that the download-44elder evangelical blamed on the regions impacted having embraced
homosexuality in Netanyahu-and-John-Hageesome way —  that he “can’t blame the Texas floods on the gays” since the Lone Star State is, according to Rimages-11obertson, “the
most stridently pro-Jesus and anti-gay state out there, by golly by gosh.”

10407957_846702548705650_2964576432004826894_n (1)

51z3FaHTh1L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Despite his always knowing “just who to blame for all that ails the world,” Robertson says it could take him “a few days to figure out just how to pin the floods on the gays.”


DuggarCruzQuiverfull of Shit: a Guide to the Duggars’ Scary Brand of Christianity  Jennifer C.
family_research_council_logo1 – 
Before this week, when reality star and conservative CFY-lFvWoAAe6Nfpolitical activist Joshua Duggar admitted to images (29)molesting several underage girls, including his own sisters, what Louie-Gohmert-Fox-Business-800x430most people knew about the Duggar family could be counted on two Duggar with Mike Huckabee - American Slanderfingers: They have 19—19!—kids, and they’re extremely religious Christians.

Duggar Family 2012

Josh-Duggar-snags-Family-Research-Council-job-in-Washington-DCBut the Duggars are different than your standard evangelical Christians—they’re followers of a duggarsex-800x430particularly scary fundamentalist sect known as the , which adheres to a deeply Funny-or-Die-Duggars-300x158patriarchal and highly authoritarian set of beliefs about gender and culture. What does that Duggar-family-TLC-screenshot-410x220mean, exactly? Here’s your guide to the Quiverfull movement and 19_Kids_and_Counting_logosome of its heavy hitters. – Hardcore Fundie Church of Wells Cracka!!!


jesus_saves_kkk1More Santorum Soaked Crackas (2)!!! Trump’s role in the ass – holing of America!!! Foster ap_146719991267_wide-1c45e0b7d2c7cc72644660e2d55f4f27ee0fd2f7-s1600-c85Brooks Endorses Donald Trump Cracka!!! Watch: Garth Brooks Praises Obama, IRTFF1Slams Republican Obstructionism!!! Allen West Endorses Donald Trump (2)Crackas!!! Civil Rights Activist Cornel West Throws Support Behind Bernie Sanders!!! More louie-e1366927398114Koch Kristian Krackas (6)!!! Herb Titus: America Has A 10492041_10152155652345981_6942908066545264467_n‘Responsibility Before God’ To Only Allow Immigrants From ‘Christian-Principled 1618579_576233745803017_1129167419_n11Cultures’!!! Tony Perkins: Obama Leading ‘War On Christians,’ Treats ISIS Better!!! Linda Harvey: Transgender People Are Possessed By Demons!!! 1969113_10200790201395726_242126422_n1Mike Huckabee Jokes About Clinton Murder Conspiracy Theories, Hillary Leaving Nuke Codes At Chipotle!!! ‘I Was Born That Way’: Bryan Fischer Claims 1395108_7174217616026411He Was Born Christian, Repulsed By Homosexuality!!! Religious Right Lawyer Debunks
Religious true-the-vote-catherine-engelbrechtRight’s Favorite Talking Point On Gay Marriage!!!


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Bagger Bullshit Bonanza – Ku Kozmic Krackering!!!

sp scowl

Bagger Bullshit Bonanza

Ku Kozmic Krackering!!!


Nevada Republican would allow slavery

Rand Paul Plagiarism Scandal Grows

Concerned Women for America Tries to Discourage Young People From Getting Health Insurance – See more at: 

Suzanne Somers’ Anti-Obamacare Op-Ed in the WSJ Is at 3 Corrections and Counting…


‘Fox & Friends’ Refers to Sandusky Victims Settlement as ‘Entitlements’ – See more at: 


Religious Fundamentalism is the Root of Tea Party Extremism


Lies of the Ku Klux Krackers!!! The Deceit of the Tea Bagger Scum!!!


Battle Flags and Logos of the Ku Klux Krackers!!!


Free the Kozmic Kornporn Krackers!!! (from David Barton’s lies)


Ayn Rand is Dead – Nietzsche


Jerry Falwell, the Tea Party, the NRA and the 1970′s “Fundamentalist” Coup


Ted Cruz calls for 50 more lunatics than Westboro Baptist Church!!!


Teabagging Temper Tantrums!!! Extremist Electroejaculated Excretions!!!


Bozoid Bagger Belching!!! Ku Klux Konstipation!!!


Stupid, Nutty Ku Klux Krap!!! Bagger Projectile Vomit!!!


Rick Scott calls for mandatory drug testing of all the Ku Klux Krackers …


David Vitter sues Jimmy Swaggart and others….


Join Glenn Beck and Alex Jones on a Hunt for Naked Nine Nutted Mole Rats!!!


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More Santorum Soaked Crackas (2)!!! Trump’s role in the ass – holing of America!!! Foster Brooks Endorses Donald Trump Cracka!!! Watch: Garth Brooks Praises Obama, Slams Republican Obstructionism!!! Allen West Endorses Donald Trump (2)Crackas!!! Civil Rights Activist Cornel West Throws Support Behind Bernie Sanders!!! More Koch Kristian Krackas (6)!!! Herb Titus: America Has A ‘Responsibility Before God’ To Only Allow Immigrants From ‘Christian-Principled Cultures’!!! Tony Perkins: Obama Leading ‘War On Christians,’ Treats ISIS Better!!! Linda Harvey: Transgender People Are Possessed By Demons!!! Mike Huckabee Jokes About Clinton Murder Conspiracy Theories, Hillary Leaving Nuke Codes At Chipotle!!! ‘I Was Born That Way’: Bryan Fischer Claims He Was Born Christian, Repulsed By Homosexuality!!! Religious Right Lawyer Debunks Religious Right’s Favorite Talking Point On Gay Marriage!!!

hqdefault (1)

downloadWatch: Garth Brooks Praises Obama, Slams Republican Obstructionism by Omar Rivero – In this clip, downloadGrammy-award winning country star Garth Brooks praises President Obama for his efforts to improve the lives of hqdefaulteveryday Americans and criticizes the ridiculous obstructionism Obama_is_Darth_Vader_aka_Satan_of_Earth__137138that Obama has had to face from his enemies on the right side of the aisle.

tumblr_m6pmx2n6it1ra6skqo1_500hhGarth says that “Yeah, I think what President Obama is finding out is, all that we want to do, the system kind of doesn’t allow the most powerful hqdefaultguy in the world to kind of do his job, and I’m sure nobody’s more frustrated 73c634e00e14262cce9e956cae10f730than him to complete those promises that he did and I think he’s trying his heart out.


I love him to death and I fully support him curleyand I just wish him well because it’s got to be hell in that office.” – Foster Brooks Endorses Donald Trump Cracka!!!


cornel-west1-300x158Civil Rights Activist Cornel West Throws Support Behind Bernie Sanders – Some people 85925052-e1440359016982are questioning Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) sanders-trumpcommitment to fighting racial injustice in America. However, respected civil rights trump-athon_scruberthumbnail_0activist Cornel West has given his support to Sanders. This is a big deal.

Don_LemonDuring an appearance on CNN, West told host Don Lemon that Sanders is the best candidate for minority voters because, 11098344_1566777213573721_432835855_nas the Inquisitr noted, “West and Sanders are self – proclaimed  socialists
and 11357711_381878345342196_688055704_nhave been advocates for civil rights issues for decades.”


Since clashing with Black Lives Matter
protesters during a rally in Seattle, Sanders has been more 11374586_386305021576715_1688501877_noutspoken about his stance on racial inequality in America. Early on, Sanders has struggled to connect with minority voters, a group 11352260_1030780000274275_1292844346_nthat has favored his opponent Hillary Clinton. But West’s endorsement should give 11055946_406244246223563_666799740_nSanders a 
boost in support with minority voters. – Obama’s Best Instagram 11186843_1620481818205199_1504976177_nMoments During His Last
ear As….
 – Allen West Endorses Donald Trump (2)Crackas!!!


Donald-Trump-funny-presidentTrump’s role in the ass – holing of America byProgToddNorCal – Even though Donald Trump can never be elected, he is key to solidifying the GOP base. The donald-trump-msnbc-nbc (1)fervor that surrounds The Donald is a celebration of the unbridled id, bad boy gty_amnesty_130514_wmain1bravado that willingly crosses the line and is powerful enough not to pay a price for it. As
such he is the perfect poster boy for the 10599625_10202378496693054_6629489179944637801_nGOP, personifying the attributes of ego that are essential for controlling the base.


The mob mentality that hungers for spite and pride is the only weapon that the GOP has against the growing rick_santorum3-620x412wave of populism. They have done nothing for the middle class. If truth be told they have aggressively acted megyn-kelly-surprisedagainst it for fear that any improvement might reflect positively on President Obama. Therefore they must deflect attention from their failures and billionairerush-limbaugh-caricature agenda. Trump needs to be
this summer’s shiny object of satisfying distraction. – More Santorum Soaked Crackas Rick Santorum(2)!!! – Rick Santorum: Liberals ‘Rewriting History’ To ‘Fit Their Ideology’ Like In Communist China, j.MickelsonUSSR SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – 
On Friday, Rick Santorum spoke to Iowa radio host Jan Rachel_Maddow_in_Seattle_croppedMickelson about his recent debate with Rachel Maddow in which he disregarded the principle of judicial review, 440px-Andrew_Jackson_Daguerrotype-croppointing to Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson as presidents who defied the court in order to “do what is right.” This led Mickelson to
ask him about the Iowa Democratic 11988625Party’s recent decision to rename their “Jefferson-Jackson Dinner” because the two men were slaveholders.

1463123_595878837138659_413822217_n“This is what the left does, the left has done this from the days of the Soviet Union and Communist China, is they erase history and what history they have marxpeace1they re-edit it and redefine it into something that is fundamentally untrue to fit their ideology,” Santorum DENG MAOsaid. “If you are trying to decide what’s true, conservativism and traditional American 1383656_77040949965279111values or this new progressivism, if progressivism is true, why 1475916_1015180908959113-111-1are they going back and rewriting history to make it match what they believe in? That should raise some question marks.”  


download-44Clearly Rick Santorum has never heard of David Barton.51VDjdtNZhLMore Koch Kristian Krackas (6)!!!


HerbTitus Herb Titus: America Has A ‘Responsibility Before God’ To Only Allow Immigrants From joyce_kaufman_119‘Christian-Principled Cultures’ SUBMITTED BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – Herb Titus, the Christian Reconstructionist set-5a-color-roy-moore-chief-justice-14825913jpg-df54fe1459ae944battorney and longtime Roy Moore ally, weighed in yesterday on the debate raging in the GOP 121107_allen_west_reuters_3281about birthright citizenship, claiming in lossy-page1-440px-Edmund_Ruffin._Fired_the_1st_shot_in_the_Late_War._Killed_himself_at_close_of_War.,_ca._1861_-_NARA_-_530493.tif (1)an interview with Florida talk radio host Joyce Kaufman that the 14th 1-nathan-bedford-forrest-war-is-hell-storeAmendment’s citizenship guarantee is part of an unbiblical attack oliver_cromwells_head_lon America’s God-ordained borders and on God Himself. CromwellHe also called for
the U.S. to restrict
immigration from ROOM29Cromwellcountries without a “Christian-principled culture.”


Koch and front groups

joycekaufman_613914aKaufman — famous for resigning as then-congressman-elect Allen West’s chief of staff after allenwest3she was criticized for such comments as calling for the hanging of undocumented immigrants — insisted know-nothing-cartoon-granger1that granting citizenship to the American-born children of undocumented immigrants nmyv5111“creates a hostile environment for real American citizens” chief_victory-1-271x300because “these children who we have granted this precious status of being American citizens Good-bad-ugly-800-75have become such a tremendous drain and at the same time replaced American workers.” 

11164695_1105753802784400_1451049571563354859_n (1) 

Tony-Perkins-rights2-300x235Tony Perkins: Obama Leading ‘War On Christians,’ Treats ISIS Better SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman – See family_research_council_logo1more at: – Today, just hours after the White House announced obama8that a U.S. drone strike had killed
the so-called Islamic
State’s second-in-
command, obamaosamabrotherspart of an expanding military 10423642_10202437855088585_7309135905223288789_ncampaign against the terrorist group which has
killed around 15,000 ISIS fighters, Family Research ap_146719991267_wide-1c45e0b7d2c7cc72644660e2d55f4f27ee0fd2f7-s1600-c85Council President Tony Perkins sent an email to his klan-baby-e1400685147841group’s members claiming that President Obama hasn’t laid a finger on ISIS because he is too busy waging a “war on Christians.” 

linda_harvey_insert_c_washington_blade_by_michael_keyLinda Harvey: Transgender People Are Possessed By Demons SUBMITTED BY Brian wnd-top-news-sites11Tashman – See more at: – Mission America’s download (13)Linda Harvey is outraged that many journalists refer to Michele-Bachmanntransgender people by their preferred Bruce_Jenner1pronouns, telling readers of her weekly WorldNetDaily column that 556cd6644ae56e586e4588d8_caitlyn-jenner-bruce-jenner-july-2015-vfthey must fight back any time they “hear a so-called journalist or government official refer to any male like cracker-jack-imageBruce Jenner as ‘she’” because “our children deserve a heritage of sane pronouns.” download (64)

image2Mike Huckabee Jokes About Clinton Murder Conspiracy Theories, Hillary Leaving Nuke
Codes At Chipotle

steve-malzberg-2013-02-05SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – 
Earlier today, Newsmax host Steve narco-blingee-hillary-mexicoMalzberg asked former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee if a joke he told about living to tell the tale of defeating the mormonism-huckabee_anti-mormonArkansas “Clinton machine”
had anything to bill_clinton-300x275do with the persistent
rumors from the far right that
Bill and Hillary Clinton  are  behind several murders (including that of a cat).

hillary-clinton-hippieWhile Huckabee refused to make the connection directly, Malzberg kept pushing him
on whether he was referencing “the people who didn’t survive to talk about it.”

11130161_1109553782404609_2576142137025538244_n“I’ll let the listener decide, but I think most peo
ple when they heard Bill-and-Hillary-Clinton-Hippies-53234me say that knew that my tongue was firmly Hillary-Clinton-G
planted in my cheek,” Huckabee 26_hippiehil_lgl(2)replied. “I’m not making reference into anything in particular. Whether I was speaking metaphorically of political surviving or otherwise, I will leave it to the listener.”

Mike Huckabee

IRTFF1‘I Was Born That Way’: Bryan Fischer Claims He Was Born Christian, Repulsed By Homosexuality SUBMITTED BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – On Klingenschmitt_Healthcarehis radio program today, Bryan Fischer argued that he and others like him were GordKling-668x501“born a Christian” and repulsed by homosexuality and so they ought to be fischerentitled to have their associated rights respected and protected by the government.

huckabee-fischer1Fischer took a call from “Terry in Macon,
Georgia,” who argued that 51z3FaHTh1L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_he didn’t have a choice about being a Christian because he was made in God’s d-magazine1image and was therefore born that way. As such, he wanted to know why fox_ff_huckabee_obama_150209a-2-800x430he has “fewer rights” than gays who also claim to have been born that way.

10407957_846702548705650_2964576432004826894_n (1)

images-11Religious Right Lawyer Debunks Religious Right’s Favorite Talking Point On Gay Marriage SUBMITTED Netanyahu-and-John-HageeBY Brian Tashman – See more at:  – Anti-gay activists have claimed jesusgun3-330x234that the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down same-sex screensnapz071-620x462marriage bans in Obergefell v. Hodges will lead to a tidal wave of oppression 6a00d83451c15f69e2015434f9a406970cand persecution — just as they did following the passage of the Hate 82403620 (1)Crimes Prevention Act in 2009. Struggling to find the JBS%20billboard“victims” of gay marriage, Religious Right activists have pointed to a small handful ??????????????????????????of wedding cake bakers or photographers who were sued after denying service to gay couples.

AllianceLogoOne of these bakers, Jack Phillips, recently lost his appeal after nrahe was found to
be in violation of Colorado’s nondiscrimination law.

tony-perkins-1024After the courts ruled against Phillips for a second time, Tony Perkins of the Family todd-starnes-fox-news-radioResearch Council and Fox News pundit Todd Starneslinked the ruling craigjamesto the Obgerefell decision, even flier-created-by-john-birch-society11though the lawsuit against the baker was filed prior to Obgerefell and even before obama-for-treasonColorado legalized same-sex marriage (the couple was married in Massachusetts).


afa-kkkGlenn Beck: Donald Trump is No FLDS Approved New Apostolic Cracka (4)!!! jesus_saves_kkk1Trump Is No Conservative, Says Conservative Pundit Glenn Beck!!! 10492041_10152155652345981_6942908066545264467_nSantorum’s Cheesehead Crackas (2)!!! Scott Walker: I Don’t Know About Birthright 1618579_576233745803017_1129167419_n11Citizenship!!! Kornfed Kruz Krackas (2)!!! Ted Cruz to Jan Mickelson: ‘Atheist Taliban’ Attacking Religious Liberty!!! Select Krackas From the 1969113_10200790201395726_242126422_n1Crackas at RENEWAMERICA (6)!!! Will the Pope endorse Bernie Sanders for President? By Cliff Kincaid!!! Planned Parenthood and the 290393884_6402113Aztecs By Bryan Fischer!!! Some googly-eyed search engines just aren’t bigger than God, now or in 2016 By 4983744196_deab34c317_zLaurie Roth!!! Modern gnostic physicists and transhumanists: the world is a computer simulation in the minds 1395108_7174217616026411of robotic overlords By Linda Kimball!!! Americans demand real damage control at Planned Parenthood By Anita Crane!!! true-the-vote-catherine-engelbrechtIs evolution just a shell game? By Jerry Newcombe!!!


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11 Incredibly Fast Trains That Leave America In The Dust!!!


11 Incredibly Fast Trains That Leave America In The Dust ALEX DAVIES – California is slowly advancing 2-high-speed-railtoward its goal of building a $69 billion high-speed rail network connecting San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Despite an ongoing legal battle and some tremendous engineering challenges, construction is set to begin next summer.


Until the project is complete, American rail travelers will have to settle for Acela trains, which hit 150 mph.

calif5While impressive compared to highway speeds, that’s nothing next to what real high speed rail can do. Among the fastest in the world, these trains regularly top 200 mph and even crack above the 300 mph mark.

Travis Okulski contributed to this story.


1. The top dog in the world of fast trains is China, which broke the 300 mph barrier with the CRH380A. The 302 mph top speed makes this the fastest legal way to travel by land. 


2. Germany’s Transrapid TR-09 uses mag-lev technology and is technically a monorail. However, the 279 mph top speed also makes it the second fastest train on the planet.


3. Japan is known for the bullet train, so it’s no surprise that the Shinkansen train has a top speed of 275 mph. It is nicknamed the “Duck-Billed Platypus” for its odd-looking, aerodynamic nose.


4. Shangai’s magnetic levitation (maglev) train floats above its track thanks to powerful magnets. It covers an 18-mile trip from downtown to the airport in just 8 minutes, hitting 270 mph.


5. France’s TGV Réseau 236 mph capability matches IndyCar speeds. However, normal running is limited to 199 mph.


6. South Korea’s KTX 2 may carry only 360 passengers, but the 219 mph top speed means they get to their destination incredibly quickly.


7. The THSR 700T can move nearly 1,000 people through Taiwan at a blazing 208 mph.


8. The Spanish AVE Talgo-350 is this first on the list to break the 200 mph barrier. Its 205 mph top speed makes trips from Madrid to Barcelona go by in the blink of an eye.

9. The Eurostar connects London and Paris, traveling under the English Channel as fast as 199 mph.


10. With a top speed of 190 mph, the Italian ETR 500 goes from Milan to Bologna in an hour.


11. Belgium’s HSL-1 has been in service since 1997. The 186 mph top speed means it takes less than 90 minutes to get from Paris to Brussels.



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Alco PA-1 Diesels


Alco PA-1 Diesels

On September of 1946, in an elaborate ceremony at the Alco plant at Schenectady, New York, a shiny new diesel passenger locomotive was revealed to the world. It was the first production-run version of the PA-1. (The P for passenger, the A for a cab unit, and the 1 for the first model) Gleaming in the beautiful red-silver-yellow Santa Fe warbonnet paint, it was quite a sight. It was soon joined by another cab unit and a booster. Over the next few days, a very elaborate PR campaign was launched with a news broadcast from the cab of PA#51 and even a desert scene was created around the locomotive to highlight the type of terrain the new diesel would encounter under the Santa Fe flag. This flush of post-war optimism began an era that Alco hoped would bring a huge surge of locomotive orders and prosperity to the old company.PA Technical Data(Numbers may vary depending on source)P&LE Alco PA-1 at Stoops Ferry

  Model: PA-1/PB-1

Horsepower: 2000
Engine: Alco 244
16 cylinders
Produced: 1946-50
Units sold: 170 (PA-1)
40 (PB-1)

Total built: 297
A units: 250
B units: 47 Model: PA-2/PB-2 PA-3/PB-3

Horsepower: 2250
Engine: Alco 244
 16 cylinders
Produced: (Model 2) 1950-1952
(Model 3) 1952-1953)
Units sold: 31(PA-2) 2(PB-2)
49 (PA-3) 5(PB-3)

Maximum Speed: 102 m.p.h./standard
gear ratio of 64:23. 80 m.p.h. at ratio of 64:19,
92 m.p.h. at 62:21, 104 m.p.h. at 60:23, and
117 m.p.h. at 58:25.

Technical Features:

1. The PA was 65 feet long, 14 feet high, and almost 11 feet wide. The trucks over 15 feet long and arranged in the A-1-A configuration. The center wheel on both trucks was unpowered and distributed the weight of the locomotive more evenly on the track. This also provided a smoother ride.

2. The very powerful 244 engine with 16 cylinders generated 2000 horsepower. The EMD equivalent to the PA, the E unit, required 2 engines to develop the same horsepower.

nyc42043. The engine was also fuel-injected and turbocharged.

4. The very sophisticated Amplidyne generator excitation system was used to provide precise control of the output of the main generator. This allowed, for the first time in a locomotive, the use of circuit breakers instead of fuses. This feature was much appreciated by train crews.

5. Dynamic braking was an optional installment.

6. Of the PA-1s 306,000lb weight, about 204,000lbs was carried on the driving wheels.

7. Each A unit could carry over 1200 gallons of fuel oil and 1000 gallons of fuel for the steam boiler(for heating passenger cars) and 300 gallons for engine cooling. In addition, 230 gallons of oil was carried for the lubrication of engine parts.

JDCT1 8. Sand was also carried to be used to reduce wheel slippage on difficult or slippery track.

9. Most of the components of the PA were fully compatible with the Alco FA locomotive.

PA Historical Analysis:

The PA, unfortunately, did not live up to the expectations of Alco. Production only lasted 7 years and the total number of units built, including boosters, was only 297. This compared poorly with the 1300 E units sold by EMD. Most PAs lived out the average life span of a diesel cab unit of 15 years. Many were regeared and used for freight service late in their careers. Santa Fe used some of its PAs for more than 20 years. Most PAs were gone by the late sixties.

Possible reasons for poor PA sales:
1. EMD market dominance. GM was a powerhouse in diesel construction and held 90% of the market in some years. The best Alco could do was hit 40% on occasion.

2. EMD usually beat Alco in the race to develop new diesel models. The E unit first appeared in 1937 and proved itself a reliable locomotive. The first PA was not ready until 1946.
4. The PA suffered some early technical problems with the Amplidyne system that took some time to work out.
5. For an unknown reason, the PA required more maintenance than an E unit. This is surprising since the PA had only 1 engine instead of the 2 EMD put in the E.
6. The 244 engine was rushed into service by Alco and had more problems as a result.
7. During World War II, the war production board restricted locomotive construction and assigned certain types of locomotives to be built by certain builders. Alco was forced to concentrate on both diesel and steam switchers and was not allowed to build cab units.
8. Diesels built by different companies required different types of spare parts. Therefore, it was cheaper for many railroads to stick with one diesel builder. (EMD usually)

A Railfan Perspective:

From the viewpoint of the railfan, the Alco PA will always be considered one of the best looking, if not the best, diesel locomotive. That long nose accounts for much of the allure of the PA. It was in stark contrast to the short, bulldog nose of the E unit. The carbody was also well proportioned and graceful.

Many different paint schemes adorned the PA. Some of the best included the colors of the Santa Fe, Delaware and Hudson, Rio Grande, Erie-Lackawanna, Lehigh Valley,Nickel Plate, New York Central, Southern Pacific, and Wabash. The warbonnet of the Santa Fe, of course, was widely considered the greatest and seemed to bring out the best in the PA.

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